1,248 beneficiaries of Department of Students’ Affairs at Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Islamic Culture in 2019

DUBAI, The Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Islamic Culture of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, IACAD, announced that 1,248 students from 49 nationalities across six continents benefited from the courses organised by the Department of Students' Affairs at the centre in 2019.

The centre's data indicated that the students were between nine and 72 years of age, which underscores the inclusive nature of its courses.

The courses organised by the Department of Students' Affairs last year included special courses for residents of the UAE, including Filipinos, Pakistanis, Indians, Singaporeans, French, Turkish and Ethiopian nationals. Furthermore, New Muslims courses, the Ramadan Forum, Children Summer courses, and Student's Needs courses were also held. All the courses witnessed the interest of students from various cultural and religious backgrounds, seeking to learn more about the tolerance of Islam and Islamic culture.

Hind Mohammed Lootah, Director of the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Islamic Culture, stressed that the message of the centre is civilisational and humanitarian at its core. It seeks to promote tolerance and a moderate Islam, as well as to introduce residents to the richness of the Arabic and Islamic civilisation.

Lootah reiterated the IACAD's contribution, as well as that of its affiliated departments and centres, in organising the courses. The department had lecturers and professors, who offered their expertise to enhance the courses.

Shamsa Mohammed Bin Shafie, Head of the Department of Students' Affairs, said, "In the past year, the Department of Students' Affairs was keen that all residents in the country, both Muslims and non-Muslims, benefit from the specialised courses on offer. The courses were multi-lingual and aimed at increasing the base of beneficiaries and introducing them to Islam and its values. This year, we will build upon what we have achieved thus far, by employing the best educational methodology in order to attract more residents in the UAE to learn about Islamic culture."

Earlier in December 2019, the centre organised a ceremony to celebrate distinguished students from the Department of Students' Affairs courses in 2019, which was attended by over 150 students, their families, teachers and employees.

Source: Emirates News Agency