Warm weather forecast in highlands, relatively hot in other regions until Wednesday

Amman: Sunday will experience warm weather in the highlands and relatively hot to hot conditions in other regions, with clouds at various altitudes and northwesterly moderate winds, picking up at times, the Jordan Meteorological Department said.

Over the next three days, warm weather will persist over the highlands, while it will be relatively hot to hot in other parts of the Kingdom, with clouds at medium and high altitudes and moderate northwesterly winds occasionally becoming active.

Today’s maximum and minimum temperatures in eastern Amman range between 21-32 degrees Celsius, in western Amman 19-30C, in the northern highlands 18-27C, in the Sharah highlands 16-28C, and in the Gulf of Aqaba 24-41 degrees Celsius.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Health Authorities: 70 Palestinians martyred, 110 injured in Israeli occupation aggression

70 Palestinians were killed and 110 were injured in the last 24 hours as a result of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, Palestinian health authorities confirmed.

In a statement, Palestinian health authorities declared the death and injury toll as of Sunday, 35,456 dead, and 79,476 injured.

In another statement, the Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) said that a group of Israeli Settler extremists targeted two aid-filled trucks at Tarqumiyah crossing to block aid from entering Gaza, the settlers destroyed half of the packages and disposed of the other half.

The crossing is under Israeli occupation forces’ protection, however, settlers have attacked aid trucks many times before preventing them from entering Gaza.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Iran blames weather conditions for failure to reach President Raisi’s copter

Unstable weather conditions are encumbering efforts to reach the location where a helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi made a “hard landing,” Interior Minister Ahmad Vahid said on Sunday.

A helicopter carrying the Iranian president and Tehran’s foreign minister made a “hard landing” as it passed through a mountainous area on its way back from Azerbaijan, where Raisi had been on a state visit, the interior minister told state television.

State television began to broadcast prayers in the aftermath of the incident, calling on Iranians to “pray” for the safety of the president and his entourage. Earlier on Sunday, the Iranian president participated in the inauguration ceremony of a joint dam between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, in the presence of his Azerbaijani counterpart, Ilham Aliyev. On his way back, the helicopter transporting Raisi had experienced a “hard landing,” according to Iran’s state news agency IRNA.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Kuwait municipal by-elections results announced

Waleed Al-Dagher and Fahad Al-Ajmi won seats of the sixth and ninth constituencies, respectively, in the 13th legislative term of the 2024 Municipal Council on Saturday.

Announcing the results of the by-elections tonight, head of the main committee of the sixth constituency Abdullah Al-Attal said Al-Dagher got 3,322 votes.

Meanwhile, head of the main committee of the ninth constituency Nasser Al-Badr said Al-Ajmi got 10,404 votes. The results came after completion of the vote counting following a 12-hour voting process.

Ten nominees were as contesting for the vacant seat in the sixth constituency and eight for the seat in the ninth district. The number of voters in the six and ninth constituencies hit 79,754 and 134,683 respectively.

The election was held after the Municipal Council announced on April 22 the vacancy of seats of Nasser Al-Kafif and Faheed Al-Muwaizri.

Source: Kuwait News Agency


Doha: University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) is set to celebrate the graduation of new cohort of 860 students from both genders on Wednesday, 17 percent of them are Qatari graduates in all majors.

In an interview with Qatar News Agency , President of UDST Dr. Salem bin Nasser Al Naemi said the new cohort comprises first students who have steeped in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science, along with graduates of other majors in engineering, health science, IT, management, alongside nearly 32 excelled students from both genders.

Dr. Al Naemi pointed out that the new programmes laid out by the university are essentially in line with the third National Development Strategy (NDS3) 2024-2030, the national economic and social plans, as well as the digitization programmes in the country that are obviously in alignment with the international strategies and plans, affirming that the total number of current programmes laid out by UDST reaches 70, ranging between master to bachelor degrees, three-
year diploma, diploma and certificates, as well as seven new programmes that have been meticulously set to fulfil the career and Qatari labour market requirements, in addition to advancing the economic booming at the domestic and global levels.

UDST is a world-class college pursuing a Qatari pattern with a qualitative majors in consistent with the local and global requirements that address a multitude of issues, such as infrastructure, sustainability, climate change, AI, nursing, midwifery, radiology, and digitization to simulate the local and global labour market requirements, Dr. Al Naemi added.

He highlighted that the new programmes applied in various UDST faculties include myriad majors, foremost of which are AI, and cognitive cybersecurity. He highlighted that the university has perforce decided to opt for one master’s degree in this programme to include two majors in methods of utilizing AI to achieve cybersecurity at the ministerial, corporate, and private levels, predicting that such a programme wil
l draw a huge turnout.

The new programmes include Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (B.B.A. LSCM), Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication and Media Production (B.Sc. DCMP), Master of Science in Process Safety (M.Sc. PS), alongside Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. N) to meet the massive requirement of nurses from both genders locally and globally, Dr. Al Naemi outlined, stating that it is a triple-track programme, the first one receives general secondary school students, while the second one receives registered nurses from both genders who desire to complete their post-diploma studies, with the third track including those who desire to complete post-diploma practical studies.

Dr. Al Naemi pointed out that the graduation day is a momentous and auspicious occasion for which students, their families, the generous country, and entire community are desperately waiting for, asserting that it is the da
y of harvest.

He added that HE former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah will address the graduation ceremony as a guest of honor, highlighting that UDST gives foremost priority to the scientific research as a legal university of applied sciences in the fields required by the state, such as sustainability, climate change, digitization, AI and renewable energy.

The university so far won 18 percent of all research supported by Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), Dr. Al Naemi said, stating that the university has forged wide partnerships at the local and global levels, particularly in North America, Europe and Asia, and operates over three outstanding student teams that participate in summer vacations through the student exchange programme to conduct research at the University of Singapore and another group at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, as well as Ontario Tech University in Canada in a successful and critical partnership with those sci
entific and academic bodies so as to generate selective research that would serve the local community at home and abroad, in addition to honing the research skills of those students.

HE President of UDST pointed out that since it has been morphed into a university and having upgraded its majors from diploma to bachelor then master’s degree three years ago, the university drew a substantial number of students, with a cohort of students abroad being admitted to UDST, highlighting that its academic and administrative members are dutifully striving to draw more students.

Regarding further expansion in the future in the current five colleges to provide additional educational tracks, Dr. Al Naemi added that as a university of applied sciences that draws on teaching mathematics, science, engineering, and technology, UDST always aspires to the future and endorses expansion plans when necessary.

Dr. Al Naemi went on to say that the university constantly looks forward to serving students and attracting a significant
number of excelled students, affirming that the university offers ancillary services to the accepted general secondary school students and decided to lay out the pre-college programme starting from the academic year 2024-2025, specifically from August to qualify general education students further, in terms of psychology, science and research prior to being transferred from general secondary schools to college education.

UDST gives foremost priority to professional secondary school students in Qatar, he outlined, adding that there is an ongoing coordination with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education regarding adapting the education content in those schools to that one in the university, something that will easily help them enroll in and embark on their study.

Source: Qatar News Agency