55 companies from 20 countries exhibiting at Dubai International Content Market

DUBAI, Dubai International Content Market – DICM, re-opens its doors with a new and improved structure that will allow the media and entertainment industry to reconnect face to face and provide a platform for attendees to meet, connect and network.

Held from 24th - 25th November at Jumeirah Beach Hotel Conference Centre, this year’s edition will feature over 55 companies exhibiting from more than 20 countries, including Russia - Roskino, South Korea - NIPA, Spain – ICEX and Turkey – ICC, as well as regional producers with vast genres to offer.

During the pandemic, the world has witnessed a major lockdown which resulted in families and individuals bonding over online broadcasting services such Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, SHAHID, STARZPLAY, WatchIt and others. This resulted in the improvement of these platforms as they saw a huge demand for quality content that accommodates the new generations. Social media channels also witnessed a major rise in the consumption time meaning due to the closure, users have been using social media more often as millennials are more vocal on these networking apps and are seeking content that they can relate to.

DICM also provides a dedicated marketplace for buying, selling, networking, financing and distributing entertainment content across all platforms and categories, including TV, Film and Digital thus making it the perfect hub to expand the field of media purchasing.

Source: Emirates News Agency