AGU participates in ‘Bahraini Women and Future Sciences’ Forum

Manama, The Arabian Gulf University (AGU) was recently represented by a number of female academics and researchers in a key scientific forum titled Bahraini Women and Future Sciences.

The forum was held at the Bahrain Polytechnic University under the patronage of the Wife of HM the King and President of the Supreme Council for Women (SCW) HRH Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa.

It is considered as one of the main activities that is accompanying the annual Bahraini Women's Day, which has been allocated this year to celebrate women working in higher education and future sciences.

During the forum, Head of the Geoinformatics Department in the College of Graduate Studies in AGU and SCW Member Dr. Sabah Al Jenaid reviewed some of the key results and recommendations of the first part of the scientific study on future science professions and gender balance.

Dr. Al Jenaid briefed the attendees on the study conducted by SCW on future professions and gender balance to identify the opportunities and challenges of future promising careers, explaining the importance of curricula and laboratories of innovation, as well as technical creativity and scientific research, in job creation and the development of the national economy.

The study also measured the readiness of the work environment to support creativity and innovation, and the identification of competitive mechanisms and the impact of knowledge exchange, on the local and international levels, in the fields of promising future science professions.

Information and Communications Technology Assistant Professor at AGU Dr. Afaf Bugawa also participated as a key speaker in the second session where she reviewed the role of AGU in encouraging scientific research in knowledge management, stressing on the importance of supporting and encouraging scientific research and developing innovation laboratories in creative fields of school, university and technical institutes' students.

Dr. Bugawa commented: We seek to become an incubator university for innovation and leadership by linking all related parties concerned with Bahraini women in one place to enhance the role of Bahraini women in the national economy of the Kingdom of Bahrain. That is in addition to building a university research base to promote continuing education, as well as developing platforms and methodologies of open and user-based innovation to be a platform to an ideas and innovation bank.

Additionally, Dr. Bugawa stressed that AGU is a pioneer in the field of supporting and encouraging scientific research and developing innovation laboratories in the creative fields through the establishment of innovation laboratories and continuously hosting workshops on innovation, with a focus on the development of platforms and methodologies of open and user-based innovation to be a platform for an ideas and innovation bank.

Among the participants representing AGU in the forum were Community Medicine Professor and Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Affairs in AGU's College of Medicine and Medical Science Dr. Randah Hamadeh, Personnel Affairs Department Head Ghada Al Buflasa, Gifted Education Assistant Professor Dr. Fatema Al Jassim, Environmental Management Assistant Professor at the Natural Resources and Environment Department Dr. Maha al Sabbagh, and Senior Geographic Information System (GIS) Technician Ghadeer Kadhim.

Participants in the forum stressed on the importance of the efforts exerted by the SCW to explore and enhance the presence of Bahraini women in the field of future science, especially with the large and accelerating changes taking place in the labour market, calling for supporting the efforts of the council by all the concerned parties with planning, education, training and innovation.

Source: Bahrain News Agency