Ahmed Al Nuaimi issues resolution on training development system in Ajman government

AJMAN -- Sheikh Ahmed bin Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Ajman Ruler's Representative for Administrative and Financial Affairs, has issued a resolution on the adoption of the training and development system in the Ajman government, which will come into force from the date of its issuance.

Resolution No. 35 of 2017 stipulates the adoption of a training and development system, including its provisions and procedures, in the Ajman government, and entrusts its implementation to the relevant government authorities in the emirate.

The resolution's provisions are to be implemented for the employees of the government authorities, subject to the Emiri Decree No. 4 of 2017 on the human resources law.

The Central Department for Human Resources Development is in charge of issuing circulars and executive resolutions for the implementation of the provisions of this resolution and is in charge of direct supervision of all the required procedures to implement this resolution. It also has to submit periodic reports on the implementation, progress, obstacles and recommendations.

Rashid Abdul Rahman bin Jibran Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of the Central Department for Human Resources Development in Ajman, revealed that the training and the development system aimed to unify the policies and procedures related to the training of human resources. It would guarantee the provision of equal training and development opportunities for all the employees, in compliance with the strategic priorities of the emirate and Ajman 2021 Vision, as well as set the standards for effective training plans to achieve the required goals.

He stressed the importance of identifying and clarifying the relation between performance, training and development, and creating a framework for behavioural and technical competencies in the beginning of the process to identify accurate and efficient training methods in a way that would reflect the outcomes of the performance assessment and the priorities of the government authority. The training activities should be developed according to the best practices that comply with the employees' development plans such as career and individual development plans, leadership development programmes, development of second- and third-rung leaders, as well as promote a culture of investment in the human resources, as the most strategic direction to support and achieve the long-term plans of the government.

The system comprises four phases of training, starting with identification of the training needs, and ending with the assessment of the training activities. The system clarifies the types of training programmes adopted by the Ajman government and the mechanisms of their implementation that is aimed at achieving the desired outcomes.

Source: Emirates News Agency