Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce to host ‘Brazil – UAE: Economic Sustainability Forum in the Amazon Region’ in October

DUBAI, The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) has announced the first-of-its-kind "Brazil - UAE: Economic Sustainability Forum in the Amazon Region" on 3rd October, 2021, in Dubai.

The ABCC will host the forum in cooperation with the UAE’s Ministry of Economy and the Federation of the UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Top government and private sector figures and high-ranking key speakers will be joined by important decision-makers, entrepreneurs, investors, traders, and representatives from the UAE and Brazilian business communities.

The discussions will be divided into three sessions with key themes. The first session will explore the "Partnership in Innovation and Digital Technologies for Sustainable Development". The second and third sessions will focus on the "Cooperation between the UAE and Brazil in Food Security and Environmental Sustainability" and "Economic and Business Sustainability - leading experiences from the UAE and Brazil", respectively.

Osmar Chohfi, President of the ABCC, said, "The upcoming sustainability forum is a venue where stakeholders could explore untapped current and future opportunities and new paradigms that have emerged amid myriad environmental and social challenges. It comes at a time when the sustainability movement has accelerated, especially during this pandemic. Sustainability, being an important pillar of the economic diversification policies of some of the Arab nations, is offering Brazil and the Arab region another area to expand their ties. The event will serve as an ideal place to examine how their alliance can benefit from this important concept and tackle the most innovative solutions to a wide range of environmental issues."

"During the forum, we will provide information, analysis and discussions on sustainability standards and more at the intergovernmental level. The attendees will emphasise why we need to change our mindset and approach in light of the latest global developments. They will dive deep into how companies can capture multibillion-dollar opportunities arising from the mounting sustainability calls. Within this context, the forum will contribute to the global community’s efforts to build a resilient economy that acknowledges the limits of our natural resources and mitigates the impact of human activities on the environment," Chohfi added.

The forum will take place amid the UAE’s increased environmental sustainability initiatives in line with its Vision 2021 and National Agenda. The Emirates targets the generation of 27 percent of its energy requirements from renewable sources, bringing down its per capita greenhouse gas emissions and deploying agricultural technology to achieve a 30 per cent productivity improvement within the sector. Furthermore, it has allocated US$544 million to build a sustainable city in the country, while raising $1.63 billion in investments to make Dubai a "Green Paradise" by 2025.

On the other hand, Brazil, considered a global leader in the renewable energy transition, is well-positioned to share its experiences on striking a balance between economic growth and the environment. More than 46 per cent of the country’s energy grid is powered by renewable energy sources today. Worldwide, Brazil has the third-largest renewable electricity generation capacity.

Source: Emirates News Agency