Arab-European Centre of Human Rights and International Law rejects EU Parliament’s resolution on human rights in UAE

DUBAI, The Arab-European Centre of Human Rights and International Law (AECHRIL) has rejected the resolution passed by the European Parliament criticising the UAE's human rights record, describing it as unfounded and factually incorrect.

In a statement issued today, AECHRIL stressed that the UAE is among the world's top countries in respecting human rights, adding that the resolution ignores the UAE’s significant achievements with regard to human rights.

Islam El Ghazouly, Chairman of AECHRIL's Advisory Board, commented, "The UAE treats human rights as a top priority, building on its heritage and constitution, which protects civil freedoms for all, and its legislative system, which promotes justice, equality, tolerance and the protection of rights and supports humanitarian and relief efforts, in line with the principles stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

El Ghazouly noted that the UAE established the National Human Rights Authority, and founded the world's first Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, besides issuing laws and policies to protect the rights of workers, children, women, senior citizens, people of determination and prisoners.

Source: Emirates News Agency