Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation allocates AED300,000 to support remote education

DUBAI, The Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation, AMAF, in cooperation with the Dubai Education Zone, declared that it will allocate AED300,000 to provide 200 computers to students of Dubai schools.

The foundation’s donation is part of its support for the "Distance Education Initiative" recently launched by the Ministry of Education through the "Smart Learning Portal."

Ali Al Muttawa, Secretary-General of the AMAF in Dubai, said that the foundation is keen to support remote education through its many programmes and initiatives, adding that it is supporting the initiative due to its keenness to assist the community and empower all segments of society, especially the youth and children.

He also noted that the computers will be allocated to students through the foundation’s education bank to ensure that they can continuity their education, stressing its keenness to cooperate with all relevant authorities.

The Dubai Education Zone adopted the initiative to ensure the continuity of education.

The implementation of the initiative reflects the importance of the cooperation between relevant authorities and entities, to respond to the needs of various segments of the community.

Source: Emirates News Agency