Bahraini film score composer wins international award

Manama, Bahraini film score composer Isa Najem was awarded the Best Original Music Score by the Los Angeles Cinematography AWARDS (LACA) for his score on the film Florence by Italian director Emanuele Daga and produced by Almotaz Aljefri.

LACA is a film festival with monthly film submissions from around the world that demonstrate excellence in the art of film for artistic and technical merit in the film industry.

LACA gives special emphasis on encouraging and promoting up and coming film makers, highlighting their works with a screening in Hollywood.

Isa Najem, is also multi-instrumentalist and a social media influencer. He started his musical career at the age of six studying with his father, Dr. Mubarak Najem; who has contributed to the music scene in Bahrain tremendously.

After appearing on television shows, winning numerous competitions, and touring around the world, with the support of his father, he decided to take his musical journey more seriously by picking up the cello to study classical music - in which he got his Masters in Music, at Boston University in the United States.

A turning point in his career was when he was asked to score his first film around 2017 which opened up new perspectives of music and storytelling. The world of film scores exposed him to digital composing, synthesizers, and multiple genres of music.

Isa has scored multiple films, commercials, sonic logos, documentaries, custom music for fashion brands. He has been active on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube by sharing his musical journey.

Florence is a film that tackles the idea of acceptance and hope. Florence was a person who needed to be loved, only to find out, she needed to love herself first.

Florence goes through her days without letting anyone into her world. When someone slips a love letter into her pocket, she decides to branch out, remembering what it is to feel hopeful.

Isa's music score adds the emotional dimension that's hidden within the cinematic canvas and the sweeping orchestral melodies portray the unexplainable emotions developing within Florence.

Source: Bahrain News Agency