Breaking: Yemeni National Resistance Forces liberate Wazi’ya – Update

WAZI’YA, Yemen, The Yemeni National Forces have liberated the entire Wazi’ya front, expunging the Iran-backed Houthi militia out of their pockets in the area.

The liberation came as part of a large-scale campaign that was supported by the UAE Armed Forces and inflicted heavy human and material damage on the rebels.

The Yemeni resistance is continuing to drive the militias out of their pockets in the liberated areas amid heavy losses sustained by the coup perpetrators across all battlefields in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast.

The liberation comes following a series of victories claimed by the resistance with the support of the Arab Coalition across different fronts, during which the resistance controlled Al Ma’mari strategic camp after besieging the rebels and cutting off their supply lines.

The offensive that secured a full control over the camp, which is located east of al-Dhabab area, and connects between three regions across the West Coast, deals a heavy blow to the rebels and is considered a step forward on the path to secure the entire Coast and Bab-el-Mandeb Strait.

Yemen’s Red Sea Coast is witnessing large-scale military operations west of Taiz, which have resulted in regaining control over new areas from the militias and lifting the siege staged on Taiz from the west, under integrated logistic support by the UAE Armed Forces operating under the Saudi-led Arab Coalition.

Source: Emirates News Agency