Etihad Towers launches state-of-the-art digital tool Concierge

Etihad Towers launches state-of-the-art digital tool Concierge
2013-11-04 13:04:36

ABU DHABI, 4th November, 2013 (WAM) — Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi – the luxury mixed use development by Sheikh Suroor Projects Department (SSPD) has announced that it has strengthened its services portfolio with the launch of ‘Concierge’: a state-of-the-art digital tool for its residents.

Concierge which was developed by Evolvin Networks LLC, is a first for the Abu Dhabi market and is the latest step in Etihad Towers’ mission to define the luxury residential market, and marks a quantum leap in the level of service available to Abu Dhabi residents. 

Compared to the traditional concierge services offered in larger hotels that offer travel arrangements and restaurant reservations, Concierge at Etihad Towers will provide tenants access to an interactive online directory of services and suppliers, allowing them to purchase goods and services from retailers, supermarkets, delivery, laundry and parking services remotely.

This portfolio of retailers includes: Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Waitrose, Masterline Car Cleaning, Budget and many more. Commenting on this key milestone, Richard Foulds, Head of Property Management at Etihad Towers, said: “Concierge at Etihad Towers is part of our on-going commitment to bringing Abu Dhabi residents the very best in luxury and fine living.

Technology can play a central role in achieving the five-star quality for which Etihad Towers is justly renowned.” Prior to the launch of the application, Etihad Towers conducted a tenant survey which showed that more than 60 per cent of residents said the new online application would make a difference to their lives. 

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حاكم ام القيوين يزور مجلس رمضاني بفلج المعلا

حاكم ام القيوين يزور مجلس رمضاني بفلج المعلا

2013-08-04 17:26:33

حاكم ام القيوين/ مجلس رمضاني / زيارة.

ام القيوين فى 4 اغسطس / وام / زار صاحب السمو الشيخ سعود بن راشد المعلا عضو المجلس الاعلى حاكم ام القيوين يرافقة سمو الشيخ راشد بن سعود بن راشد المعلا ولي عهد ام القيوين الليلة الماضية مجلس ابناء المرحوم خلفان سالم بالشاوي الغفلي بمنطقة فلج المعلا بامارة ام القيوين.

ورافق سموهما الشيخ احمد بن سعود بن راشد المعلا نائب رئيس المجلس التنفيذى لامارة ام القيوين والشيخ ماجد بن سعود بن راشد المعلا وعدد من الشيوخ والمسؤولين.

وتبادل صاحب السمو حاكم ام القيوين مع المواطنين رواد المجلس التهاني والتبريكات بمناسبة شهر رمضان المبارك شهر الخير والرحمة والمغفرة.

وتأتي هذه الزيارة فى اطار حرص سموه الدائم على الالتقاء بالمواطنين والتواصل معهم وتقاسم الاراء والمواضيع في مجالس الاهالي الرمضانية.

/ مج/.

تابع أخبار وكالة أنباء الإمارات على موقع تويتر [email protected] وعلى الفيس بوك . .

وام/مج/ع ع/سر

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Mohammed bin Rashid offers clothing to additional 1.5 mn children

Dubai, 30th July 2013 (WAM) — Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler

of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has pledged to offer clothing to additional 1.5 underprivileged children, raising to 3 million the total number of beneficiaries under the humanitarian campaign he launched on 11 July to dress one million needy children across the world.

The initiative, concluded on 19th Ramadan, when the UAE marked the Zayed

Humanitarian Day and 9th death anniversary of the founding father, the late

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, raised funds for clothing 1.5 million children.

Sheikh Mohammed’s donation doubled the number of recipient children to 3 million

in more than 25 countries.

Commenting on the conclusion of the campaign, Sheikh Mohammed said:”

What make us extremely glad is the spirit of goodness which prevailed during the

Holy Month of Ramadan in our beloved State under amidst the death anniversary

of the late Sheikh Zayed. Interaction of the generous UAE people with the campaign

has resulted in bringing joy to 3 million children on the Eid in addition to slew of

of giving initiatives that will benefit other millions around the world, establishing the UAE as a capital of charity, a minaret of giving and a helping hand for relieving the destitute wherever they are.”

”The UAE will pursue its Islamic, humanitarian and civilisational role in supporting

deprived people, a drive launched by the founding fathers and we are staying that

course. We will also instill this sense in our children and our generations so as the march of giving remains the a key component of the development process in our State and

a main pillar of its future,” Sheikh Mohammed added.

The Vice President praised efforts made by the UAE Red Crescent Authority (RCA), which is executing the campaign, and other organisations supporting the campaign. ”I’m proud of the results the campaign has generated which comes as a fruit of giving and generosity of the UAE citizens and residents. I’m also proud of all good efforts made during the campaign which clearly demonstrated the strength of and transparency of the UAE charitable work and its influential impact on the international scene.”


The campaign has elicited unexpected response and success, reaching out to needy

children in Bosnia, Albania, Yemen, Lebanon, Egypt, Djibouti, Senegal, Zanzibar,

Tanzania, Malawi, Jordan, India, Pakistan in addition to Syrian refugee children in Jordan and Lebanon.

The RCA teams will provide clothes to children in the Philippines, Iraq, Somalia,

Ethiopia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Bangladesh.

Earlier, Shekh Mohammed has directed that the number of children beneficiaries to be increased after the campaign crossed the targeted one million mark.





WAM 1753 2013/07/30


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Zayed was world humanitarian leader, says Mohammed bin Rashid

WAM DUBAI, July 23rd, 2013 (WAM)–“I have dealt with a number of world leaders for decades, but did not meet one like the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He was humble and philanthropist”, the Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum”, told  media gathering in Dubai.

He added that “When we talk about Sheikh Zayed, we need more evenings. The best thing could be said about Sheikh Zayed is that he was the humanitarian leader”, noting that “President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, his brothers and all of us follow his footsteps to further develop our country and achieve prosperity for our people.” The Vice President referred to the importance of commemorating and celebrating what the UAE founding father Sheikh Zayed liked most- the humanitarian work, on Emirates Humanitarian Work Day.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid was speaking to a number of media-persons and officials after the ceremony held to honour the distinguished federal government employees.

He tackled a number of local, regional and international issues, and answered questions on a number of important national issues as well.

Present were H. H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, H. H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, a number of ministers and officials.


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DM releases 70,000 baby fishes into sea to preserve marine environment

WAM DUBAI, July 11th, 2013 (WAM) — Based on the directives of H. H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, Dubai Municipality released 70,000 fingerlings of Sobaity and Sha’am fishes in Mamzar sea, in order to preserve the environment and biodiversity.

Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said that the civic body has chosen these two types considering its rapid breeding since they throw eggs in less than 6 months and proliferate in a maximum period of 6 to 9 months. One egg of these fishes contains approximately 2 to 3 million larva, which means it can quickly proliferate, feeding the marine environment with a big amounts of fish.

�The summer does not pose threat to them as it can acclimate with the water temperature and the water depth will be appropriate for them. They will be far from Mamzar Beach dedicated to marine and other games, which will allow it to reproduce without any risk,’ Lootah noted.

He added that the municipality will cooperate with the Emirates Association for Fishermen to release yearly approximately 150 to 200 thousand fingerlings of different species of local and other fishes expecting a large amount of growth in fisheries.

We cooperate with Al Mubarak Fishes Co, a national company specialized in the production of fingerlings, which donated these fishes for the emirate contributing in the preservation of marine environment as part of its social responsibility.

Lootah urged the public to contribute to the preservation of the marine environment supporting such eco-friendly projects and maintaining the living aquatic resources by not fishing in the breeding seasons and undersized fishes.


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حمدان بن محمد يعتمد قرارين تنظيميين لإدارات ضمن هيئتي “الصحة” و”الطرق والمواصلات” بدبي. .

حمدان بن محمد يعتمد قرارين تنظيميين لإدارات ضمن هيئتي “الصحة” و”الطرق والمواصلات” بدبي. .

2013-07-07 17:16:33

حمدان بن محمد / قراران.

دبي في 7 يوليو / وام / أصدر سمو الشيخ حمدان بن محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم ولي عهد دبي رئيس المجلس التنفيذي القرار رقم 19 لسنة 2013 باعتماد الهياكل التنظيمية لبعض الوحدات الإدارية في “هيئة الصحة” في دبي حيث شمل القرار إدارات الحوكمة والتدقيق الداخلي وعلاقات المتعاملين والتميز المؤسسي.

كما أصدر سموه قرار المجلس التنفيذي رقم 20 لسنة 2013 بشأن اعتماد الهيكل التنظيمي لإدارة الخدمات الإدارية في قطاع خدمات الدعم الإداري المؤسسي في “هيئة الطرق والمواصلات”.

ويعمل بالقرارين من تاريخ صدورهما وينشرا في الجريدة الرسمية.

/ مل /.

تابع أخبار وكالة أنباء الإمارات على موقع تويتر [email protected] وعلى الفيس بوك . .

وام/root/ي/سر/ز م ن

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TRA Introduces Regulations for UAE Certification Service Providers

WAM ABU DHABI, June 30th, 2013 (WAM) –The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has announced that it has established the policies needed for licensing and regulation of Certification Service Providers (CSP) operating in the UAE. This is in line with the TRA�s objective to establish a secure environment for e-commerce and electronic transactions in the UAE.

The initiative is part of TRA’s overall objective to regulate CSPs who offer Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions that help businesses conduct e-commerce securely on the web. By developing a solid regulatory framework for CSPs, the TRA aims to create a transparent and structured process through which CSPs can offer their services by following clear guidelines.

The regulations will be applicable to all Certification Service Providers operating in the UAE, namely Etisalat, Al Hilal Bank and Global Information Technology (GIT) and to all who provide electronic attestation services directly or indirectly to the public for commercial purposes, through electronic records, documents and signatures as part of electronic transactions and e-commerce.

Majed Sultan Al Mesmar, TRA Acting Director-General, said, “As the e-commerce market in the UAE continues to experience unprecedented growth due to high levels of internet and mobile device usage, the TRA is committed to enhancing the quality of services offered, raising public awareness and facilitating the growth of the e-commerce sector in the country that accounts for around 60% of total GCC e-commerce sales. With their unique capacity to verify the authenticity of users’ digital signatures, Certification Service Providers play a key role in facilitating growth in this sector. With this in mind, the TRA has established the needed regulatory framework that will help empower online trade in the UAE and bolster the nation’s confidence in e-commerce by guaranteeing a trustworthy experience for online purchasers.” The TRA will also be hosting the country’s first Electronic Transaction and Commerce Summit that will take place in September 2013 in Dubai. The event will gather stakeholders from the e-commerce industry to discuss existing regulations and guidelines, and highlight any issues concerned with the growth of the e-commerce sector while driving public trust in electronic transactions.


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Third Arab Aviation and Media Summit will assess impact of aviation and tourism on economic growth

WAM Muscat, June 3rd, 2013 (WAM): The Third edition of the Arab Aviation and Media Summit will be held from 25 to 27, June 2013, in Shalala, Sultanate of Oman.

Organized by Air Arabia in partnership with Oman’s Ministry of Tourism, Airbus, CNBC Arabia and CFM, the Arab Aviation and Media Summit 2013 is themed, �Aviation and Tourism: Enabler of Economic Growth.’ In addition to assessing the impact of aviation and tourism on regional economic growth, the Summit in its third year will focus on discussing and debating the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry in the wider Arab world.

The two-day event will be featuring high profile panel of speakers and a wide network of editors and media representatives from across the Arab world together debating Arab Aviation and Tourism.

Maitha Al Mahrouqi, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Oman, said: “The Sultanate of Oman offers a lot when it comes to Travel and Tourism. Hosting the 2013 Arab Aviation ‘&’ Media Summit in Salalah is a great example to the commitment we place in developing the tourism sector in our country. We are glad to join hands with our fellow partners and together bring one of the remarkable Summits that will serve as a timely platform for dialogue and the exchange of ideas between two important stakeholders – industry participants and media.” This year’s Summit will bring together an array of international and regional industry experts, as well as media representatives from across the region to exchange ideas and strategies to address the challenges faced by the sector. Last year, the event drew more than 150 participants that took place in Sharjah.

Mr. Adel A. Ali, Group Chief Executive Officer, Air Arabia, said: “The Arab world’s aviation and tourism industry has over the years demonstrated its significance to the economic growth. Underscored by job creation and bilateral trade, the sector will continue to be regarded as a catalyst for economic activities in the decades to come, however, the industry still withhold many great opportunities for growth. We are confident that, by joining hands with Oman’s Ministry of Tourism, Airbus and fellow partners, the Summit is uniquely positioned to meet the most pressing needs, in addition to capture future opportunities in this key sector”.


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Dubai Cares launches 3-year Home Grown School Feeding program in Ethiopia

WAM DUBAI, June 3rd, 2013 — Dubai Cares has announced the launch of its 3-year integrated Home Grown School Feeding (HGSF) pilot program in Ethiopia, which is being implemented in 30 schools to address the health and nutrition needs of approximately 30,700 primary school age children in the Southern Nations and Nationalities Peoples’ Region (SNNPR). According to the World Food Program, 66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world, with 23 million in Africa alone.

The AED 14.7 million (US$ 4 million) Dubai Cares funded program in Ethiopia is based on a contemporary, cost-effective, nationally-owned and sustainable school health and nutrition model, and aims to enhance primary school enrolment rates, reduce absenteeism and improve the cognitive learning abilities of the children.

Dubai Cares’ commitment to this program goes beyond its mandate to increase children’s access to quality primary education in developing countries; the program aligns with and supports the UN Secretary-General’s 5 year �Global Education First Initiative’, which has prioritized Ethiopia as a key target country.

The Dubai Cares integrated HGSF Program is being implemented by the World Food Program (WFP), Partnership for Child Development (PCD) and SNV-Netherlands, and includes the provision of in-school meals prepared from locally sourced commodities, encouraging the enrolment of children that live in poverty and are constantly battling food insecurity, while also stimulating local economic growth and development. The program provides a valuable opportunity for farmers and producers to generate a structured and predictable demand for their products. In addition to the HGSF component, the program is also inclusive of de-worming treatment and Water, Sanitation ‘&’ Hygiene (WASH) in schools.

Speaking on the launch of the program during a press conference he held in Ethiopia, Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Cares said, “Dubai Cares has launched this three-year program to contribute to the evidence base and facilitate informed decision-making and scale-up not only in Ethiopia but also in other countries across the world.” “Having successfully implemented similar HGSF programs in other parts of the world, we look forward to using our experience and insights to develop a successful program while empowering schools and the local community to play an active part in ensuring its success. We believe, through this program, we can significantly impact the country’s educational environment while also providing an ancillary benefit by contributing to the local economy. From a global perspective, such a program has a lot of significance and plays a critical role in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goal 2 of providing primary education to all children in the world”, added Al Gurg.

Derese Getisa, Representative of the Regional Education Bureau in SNNPR, said, “Our region is fortunate to host the HGSF pilot program, which has been supported by Dubai Cares. This project will not only stimulate the local economy by purchasing food commodities from farmer’s associations, but will also support complementary activities such as de-worming, water, hygiene and sanitation to help the children reach their full growth and academic potential.” Praising Dubai Cares’ role in Ethiopia, Dr. Yousuf Al Sabri, the UAE Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the African Union, said, “Dubai Cares’ philanthropic efforts in Ethiopia, as well as the humanitarian interventions led by the UAE, reflect the principles of the UAE people and express the government’s direction to provide support to those in need, and make a positive impact on the country’s diplomatic efforts.” Abdou Dieng, Representative and Country Director of WFP in Ethiopia, said, “WFP is delighted to strike a partnership with Dubai Cares and is extremely grateful for its generous donations that will allow us to support more than 30,000 additional school children in impoverished areas for the next three years.” Iain Gardiner, Senior Programme Manager, Partnership for Child Development at Imperial College London, said, “The Dubai Cares funded HGSF program is a leading example of how different stakeholders can effectively pool their expertise to make a real impact on the health, education and wealth of farming communities in Ethiopia.” “The strength of this program lies in the comprehensive approach it takes to improving the health and nutrition of school aged children through school feeding programs supported by improved water and sanitation facilities and de-worming treatment. As part of the program, researchers will be conducting one of the largest school health monitoring surveys ever undertaken within Ethiopia. Using this new evidence base, we will be able to ensure that interventions are targeted to where they are most needed”, added Gardiner.


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