Clothing and footwear sector tops the Dubai retail market with sales worth US $ 11.5 billion in 2016

Dubai / revealed a recent Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( DCCI ) on the retail sectors in the emirate 's analysis of the clothing and footwear market exports retail sectors with sales worth 11.5 billion US dollars last year.

He predicted analysis - which comes in conjunction with the 11th session of the World Forum for the retail trade is currently taking place in Dubai - that the clothing and footwear sector grow at a compound annual growth rate of prices in 2016 of 3.4 per cent in the medium term until the year 2020.

The accounts clothing / 73 /% of the total sales of clothing and footwear category , followed by shoes / 18 / percent and then sportswear by 9 per cent.

The detection is based on data from the International Euromonitor analysis, which clothes, shoes and accessories personal consumer products , electrical and household sector homes, gardens, cosmetics, personal care, consumer products , health care and the hardware market covered the expectations of sustained growth in the coming period in various sectors.

HE Hamad Bu Amim , Director General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( DCCI ) The analysis contributes to shed light on the secondary sectors that make up the retail sector in Dubai , where investors can and retailers see the patterns and trends and the most requested products from the consumer and therefore, this data helps investors in the consumer address and work to provide the room options and thus play a key role in the provision of investment information that supports the business community and the investment environment in Dubai. "

the Director General of Dubai Chamber to host the global Forum for retail trade also comes in the context of the efforts of the Dubai Chamber of Las Review highlighted the experience and global knowledge in the retail field in front of the business community in the emirate .. considering that hosting a global recognition of the status of Dubai in the global retail industry.

Buamim pointed out that Dubai Chamber is committed to supporting this vital sector and to help his companies to grow and develop as a fundamental pillar in the emirate 's economy and a key part in the post - oil launched by the wise government to promote the process of sustainable growth for the future of that strategy.

the amount of analysis personal accessories market in Dubai about / 4.2 / billion US dollars in 2016 is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate / 4.4 / per cent term pain Until the middle of the year 2020 for up to $ / 5 / billion US dollars.

Jewelry sales accounted for about / 52 /% of this category and sales recorded $ 2.2 billion in 2016 and replaced sales hours in second place worth /1.3 / billion dollars , followed by sales of bags in third place with sales of $ / 621 / million dollars while solved writing Tools sales ranked fourth in this category worth / 80 / million in 2016

and as much as consumer electronics sales in Dubai analysis by about / 2.3 / billion dollars during the year 2016 with expectations of a growth CAGR over the medium term by / 0.4 / percent .

The analysis that the portable consumer electronics market with sales of / 1.1 / billion dollars while reaching computers and peripherals sales value to / 823 / million dollars in up home electronics sales to / 383 / value of million dollars in up electronic devices sales of vehicles value to / 23 / million.

Analysis said that tourism will be the main catalyst for the demand for consumer electronic devices in the medium term as well as shopping promotions and special offers that will increase the demand for this category.

The estimated analysis of gardens and homes category by about / 1.7 / billion US dollars sales in Dubai in 2016 with expectations of a growth CAGR over the medium term by /3.2 / per cent to sales of $ 1.9 billion by the year 2016 prices by 2020.

It is estimated to maintain home furnishing in Dubai sector leadership in the sales of home and garden market category with the arrival of the value of sales to US $ 1.3 billion in 2016 and forecast its growth to /1.5 / billion US dollars by 2020

class home appliances sales estimated in the homes and gardens sector in 2016 about / 156 / million US dollars while the MP Aat houses / 155 / US $ million products sector maintenance sector parks US $ 27 million.

Dubai market for home appliances and consumer sales analysis by about / 622 / million US dollars with expectations Bmhafezth on a relatively stable growth as estimated at around 1.1 per cent for up to $ / 650 / million US dollars by the year 2020.

The estimated large electrical household appliances major sales value in 2016 estimated / 320 / million US dollars while / small household electrical appliances sales estimated at 302 / million US dollars in the year 2016 in is

expected to shift choices and tastes of consumers to healthy lifestyles that lead health care and wellness devices demand for home electrical appliances Small in the future of the interest while the government will affect sustainability initiatives to promote awareness of valuable energy - saving devices , which will pay more demand for these products and tools.

The analysis also said that the cosmetic accessories market sales value of personal care in Dubai was estimated at / 1.53 / billion US dollars in 2016 and is expected to grow at CAGR of 6 per cent over the coming years to reach its value to / 1.94 / billion dollars by 2020 .

the estimated products market sales analysis and consumer health care in Dubai about / 365 / million US dollars in 2016 is expected to grow at a CAGR of /4.9 / per cent over the medium term until 2020 to reach its value to / 442 / million US dollars .

Source: Emirates News Agency