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Conference on Food Security and Environmental Sustainability Recommends International Scientific Cooperation

Al-Ahsa, The Second International Conference on Food Security and Environmental Sustainability, organized by King Faisal University, concluded yesterday, stressing the need for international cooperation in technical research and development.

The scientific committee of the conference also recommended implementing sustainable agricultural practices, adopting modern techniques to increase productivity and reduce negative environmental impacts, investing in improving agricultural infrastructure and irrigation systems, using water resources more effectively, enhancing public awareness about the importance of food security and sustainable agricultural practices, environmental sustainability, and building public-private partnerships to achieve these goals.

The committee stressed the importance of research and development in agricultural technology, with a focus on training and developing the capabilities of workers in this sector, adopting biodiversity strategies within cities, and expanding green areas.

The committee also recommended increasing awareness about the risks posed to the environment by hazardous waste, and increasing research and innovation to find effective, environment-friendly solutions to this waste, emphasizing the importance of reducing the environmental impact of plastic, and providing incentives to recycle and reuse plastic.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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