Dar Al Ber spends over AED4 million on projects for orphans, people of determination

DUBAI, Dar Al Ber Society announced the implementation of charitable projects, the launch of humanitarian initiatives, and the provision of targeted assistance for all orphans, their families, and people of determination during the past year 2020, at a total cost of AED40,302,508, with an amount of AED38,157,885, allocated to the project to sponsor and care for orphans in the UAE and abroad.

Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber Society, said that the society has implemented its initiatives and projects in cooperation and coordination with 30 accredited bodies and institutions, from the society’s partners in the countries covered by Dar Al Ber and its charitable services and humanitarian development projects.

Al Muhairi confirmed that orphans have been receiving utmost attention and a wide share of the programmes and support of Dar Al Ber, since its inception nearly four decades ago, so that goodness, charity and comprehensive care continue for them as an important segment of our society, and as citizens and residents, as well as their counterparts in different regions of the world.

He explained that the projects for orphans and their families in 2020 included the “Teach Me To Earn My Livelihood” project, at a cost of AED600,000, which is a special investment project for families of orphans which provides them with a stable income to improve their economic conditions.

The “To be a supportive family initiative” defines a selection of a small number of projects which can be implemented by the families of orphans, to generate income. They are managed with the help of accredited external bodies and financed by Dar Al Ber Society.

Last year, the “Orphan Projects” also included the “Orphan Clothing” Project, with an estimated budget of AED292,397, and the “Sponsor Orphan Families” project amounting to AED1,117,603.92. The association also spent AED134,622 on the sponsorship project for people of determination.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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