Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities implements sustainable projects

ABU DHABI, The Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, DPM, today, made significant steps towards enhancing the sustainable infrastructure of Abu Dhabi, as it implemented six initiatives to support the paving of roads using environmentally-friendly methods, and durable and effective construction materials.

Speaking about these achievements, Mohamed Al Khadar Al Ahmed, Strategic Affairs Sector Executive Director and Chairman of the Technology Committee at the DPM, said, “At the DPM, one of our primary aims is to improve all aspects of infrastructure quality for Abu Dhabi. The long-term vision is to progress Abu Dhabi up the prestigious ranks of the best cities in the world to live and visit, and to provide an excellent example as a model for all cities in the region in the field of sustainable urban development.”

The department utilised the application of asphalt pavement reinforcement using geo-grid to increase the operational efficiency of roads and provide sustainability in infrastructure and environmental protection. This approach reduced the thickness of paving layers and the number of raw materials used in paving roads. This also led to a decrease in the construction time required for road works, and lower operating costs due to the increased operational efficiency. A bonus is the extended lifespan for the road, as well as a sustainable reduction in the use of raw materials and carbon emissions.

Besides, the DPM adopted a model, which uses crushed recycled concrete aggregates in the road pavement, which contributes to achieving sustainability in infrastructure and supporting the environment through the recycling of concrete waste and concrete aggregates in paving the road bases.

The department also launched an initiative to improve asphalt mixes by combining them with polymer materials.

The department, in cooperation with the University of Sharjah, has also implemented a project for the use of steel slag aggregates in modified asphalt layers, to increase the operational efficiency of roads and achieve sustainability in infrastructure and environmental protection. It has also adopted international best practices in improving asphalt layers using recycled crumb rubber, in order to increase the operational efficiency of roads and protect the environment by recycling tyre waste in paving roads. This project enables the reduction of noise from traffic and is one of the most pioneering road initiatives in the UAE and the Middle East.

Source: Emirates News Agency