DHA Director General tours King’s College Hospital in Dubai

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) strives to continue on strengthening its relations with the private health sector of Dubai to better serve the people of Dubai and provide them with quality services, His Excellency Humaid Al Qutami, Director General of the DHA said. Al Qutami made this statement while visiting King’s College Hospital in Dubai, were he toured the facility along with His Excellency Christian Schuhmacher, the hospital’s CEO, along with a number of officials and specialists. Al Qutami said that Dubai is home to a number of international private hospitals, clinics and centres who work alongside the authority to serve the community and its members. The increasing number of international medical facilities choosing to open in Dubai does not only further develop the medical sector in the city to meet the increasing demand, but also promotes medical tourism. He added that the DHA has developed smart systems such as Sheryan, which eases the licensing process of facilities and health professionals seeking to work in Dubai’s private health sector. This supports the authority’s goals of attracting the best-qualified specialists. As of this year, there are around 38,392 doctors, assistants and technicians working in Dubai. Al Qutami commended the advanced level of equipment adopted at King’s College Hospital and its qualified doctors after touring the hospital’s various departments and after being briefed on the latest treatment methods used in the hospital.

Source: Dubai Health Authority