Disruptive innovation to drive regional, global economic growth

Dubai, Disruption, innovation, and building a progressive and global talent force will form the basis of a growing economy globally and regionally.

The future of economy and its driving force were discussed at a session on economy held at Dubai Future Week, Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported.

"Despite of the economy seeing a slightly slow growth in 2019, there is no outlook of recession on the horizon. We are looking at a slow economy, however 2020 will be a year that will also have the continued efforts of organizations and governments to continue to yield results,'' Rola Abu Manneh, CEO at Standard Chartered UAE, said.

''Regionally, the UAE is poised to see a positive year with 2020 and various government initiatives taking shape. The country's futuristic implementations including focus on fintech, innovation, growth in manufacturing along with its long-standing position as a hub connecting the emerging markets with developed countries will play an important role in shaping a positive economic outlook," she added.

"There's definite uncertainty on the global and regional economic front, in the Middle East, the GCC however continues to be the bright spot. Most GCC nations have lower but better growth than other countries despite of the challenges faced in the region," Richad Soundarjee,CEO at Societe Generale, Middle East, said.

Continuing to speak about some of the factors driving growth, Sounrdarjee said, "GCC's appetite to transform to keep pace with the changing requirements forms the backbone of the its ability to continue growing. Sustainability as well continues to be one of the concerns and needs of the future. We need to move away from awareness to actual implementation and impact. Through our connected efforts we will be able to see a much better sustainability focused economic future.

The session highlighted the most effective trends to continue in 2020 including sustainability, provide more niche and effective customer experience and transforming digitally to build greater economies.

Source: Bahrain News Agency