Drug Control Council establishes standards of performance indicators for drug control departments, administrations

ABU DHABI, The Drug Control Council established the standards of performance indicators for drug control departments, administrations and its sub-committees for 2021, in line with the country’s goals and the objectives of the national drug control strategy.

The council made this announcement during its third meeting in 2021, held today via video conferencing and chaired by Lt. General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of Police and Public Security in Dubai and President of the Council, with the attendance of Brigadier Saeed Abdullah bin Tuwair Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the Federal Drug Control Administration at the Ministry of Interior and Vice President of the Council, along with the heads of the council’s sub-committees and several senior officials, officers and drug control leaders from around the country.

The meeting discussed the details of various investigations on the tracking of financial proceeds of drug sales, to eliminate the sources of such activities and arrest perpetrators. Related challenges, suggestions and recommendations were then assessed to support these investigations.

The council then talked about several proposals related to drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation, in line with successful global practices, and presented the relevant efforts and achievements of the General Authority of Ports, Borders and Free Zones Security (Manafth) in 2020, in coordination and cooperation with strategic partners.

The council reviewed a proposal presented by the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) on the “RAS Cargo” system project, which is a new technology for mass cargo screening adopted by the authority.

The council also discussed several other key issues and made the appropriate decisions.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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