Dubai Central Laboratory delegation visits Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in US

DUBAI -- During its visit to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, in the United States, a delegation from the Dubai Central Laboratory of the Dubai Municipality viewed the latest practices in the field of detecting disease-inducing bacterial strains using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, PFGE, and whole genome sequencing, WGS.

The delegation's visit included practical training on PFGE and an introduction to the vital requirements of adopting WGS to identify potential diseases induced by bacterial strains.

The delegation met with Peter Gerner-Smidt, Branch Chief at the CDC, to discuss their international reputation and the challenges facing the region in adopting WGS.

The delegation then met with representatives from the Food Safety and Inspection Services of the US Department of Agriculture, to discuss the greatest challenges to their efforts in preventing and eliminating foodborne diseases.

The delegation also attended a discussion session by the "Outbreak Response Team" on foodborne illnesses, where they were introduced to the best practices for managing meetings and finding the best solutions and methods to deal with cases of food poisoning.

Source: Emirates News Agency