Dubai Central Laboratory wins Ostar International Prize

DUBAI, The Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) at Dubai Municipality has achieved a new global feat by winning the Ostar International Award (Super Level) for the best projects category for 2021.

The DCL won the award for the initiative to reuse surplus concrete in construction projects produced by concrete factories and the possibility of supplying it or using it again within the technical controls and conditions of the Municipality specifications.

Eng. Amin Ahmed Amin, Director of the DCL Department said that this initiative contributes effectively to reducing the amount of construction waste, especially concrete waste, in addition to reducing pollution and improving the environment, which is in line with the Municipality’s strategic objectives and also embodies its vision of building a happy and sustainable city.

“As per the statistics, the annual concrete production in the Emirate of Dubai is approximately 25 million cubic meters. By implementing this initiative, about one million cubic meters of concrete waste has been reduced,” he said.

Arif Hussain Al Marzouqi, Manager of Products Conformity Assessment Section in DCL, explained that 68 factories have implemented this initiative and 1,689 concrete mixing vehicles belonging to 47 companies are registered in the emirate.

“This initiative also contributes to supporting the economic and investment sector in the emirate through finding technical solutions for the owners of ready-mix and precast concrete factories to reduce the proportion of waste, optimal use of resources and find the best technical solutions,” he added.

“The award is one of the most famous international awards in the field of innovative projects, pioneering institutions, initiatives, emerging projects, technical and technological innovations and other fields. It is an annual international award that includes the best global experts in the field of knowledge management and innovation, and many leading institutions and companies from around the world compete for awards. Dubai Municipality ran the race to win the award according to the highest standards of governance and institutional leadership, which qualified it to win and obtain this international award,” said Al Marzouqi.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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