Dubai Chamber launches fully digital SMART individual CSR Labels to recognise companies for their CSR efforts

DUBAI, Dubai Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) recently announced the launch of four new smart individual CSR Labels, offering companies a more convenient way to assess their CSR practices and gain recognition for their outstanding efforts.

Companies can apply for one or all of the four new SMART Dubai Chamber CSR Labels namely: CSR in the Workplace, CSR in the Marketplace, CSR in the Community and CSR initiatives related to the Environment.

The Dubai Chamber CSR Label is the most established and prestigious framework and development tool that helps companies evaluate their CSR strategies, gain recognition for their efforts and improve their reputation.

490 labels have been awarded to companies since the launch of the Dubai Chamber CSR Label in 2010.

Companies of all sizes and across all sectors including those based locally, regionally or internationally can apply for one or more of the new labels categories, and those who meet the criteria get prompt recognition from the Chamber, receive a certificate to celebrate their achievements, gain exposure as an awarded recipient and become more visible to stakeholders as a responsible business.

Applicant companies should be operational for at least two years, and hold a valid operating license from the country where the organisation is based. Individual companies belonging to Groups or Holding companies are welcome to apply for the CSR label separately.

Dr. Belaid Rettab, Chief Economist and Senior Director, Economic Research & Sustainable Business Development, Dubai Chamber stressed the importance of the new categories of the Dubai Chamber CSR Label, pointing out that by applying for the SMART individual Dubai Chamber CSR Labels, organisations can benefit from assessing their responsible business practices against best practices.

"The new Labels are supported by an smart online application tool that allows companies a simple way to apply and be promptly recognised by the Dubai Chamber for their responsible practices in the areas of Workplace, Marketplace, Community and Environment," he added.

Source: Emirates News Agency