DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, - The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), said on Tuesday, it will build the first prototype of the high-speed "Hyperloop" train solution.

RTA Chairman, Mattar Al-Tayer, and Rob Lloyd, CEO of Hypeloop One firm, signed an agreement to work through the Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA) programme, and develop a prototype of self-driving cars, powered by Hyperloop technology.

The company will also test the feasibility of connecting Dubai with several destinations, and determine the project's economic viability. If feasible, the technology will be implemented and stands to change the transport and logistics sector worldwide.

Dubai's daily Gulfnews reported that, the prototype ought to be ready by 2020.

Hyperloop stations will be set up across the city, to ensure accessibility and reduce travel time between Dubai and the UAE's capital, Abu Dhabi, to less than 12 minutes.

Hyperloop One revealed its vision, for the future of the transport sector, citing Dubai as an example, during a presentation.

"Dubai has become a model for the cities of the future, launching one revolutionary initiative after another and drastically reshaping strategic economic sectors," said Al-Tayer.

"The DFA programme, though only a few months old, is now a gateway for the world's most innovative companies to materialise their ideas and achieve tangible results, that can change the future and benefit mankind," said Rob Lloyd.-

Source: Nam News Network