Early inclusion of females key for women empowerment

Awali, Women empowerment through inclusion at an early stage will help to close the gender gap as well assist women achieve the highest goals in any society.

This was the crux of a discussion during a session of the opening day of the two-day workshop titled 'Women and Development in the Gulf' being held at Derasat.

Men and women need to work hand in hand to empower women in society, said a panelist during a discussion of the first session titled 'Female Labour Participation in the Gulf' and a case study was presented by Dr. Amani Bu-Qammaz, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, Kuwait University.

Other panelists were Mona Almoayyed, Shura Council Member, and Dr Fatima Al Hewail, Assistant Professor, School of Law, Kuwait University.

Dr. Amani, who has been pivotal in equipping fresh engineering graduates in Kuwait through a project, said the statistics of female graduates in terms of their qualification excellence and motivation were two major goals of the project which helped taking young Kuwaiti female engineers to a higher level of excellence.

Knowledge, public private partnership (PPP), skill gaps are the other areas to be addressed as part of women empowerment in addition to inculcating tools such as time management, effective communication and a broad-based curriculum during the academia, she said.

The fact that this event is taking place in Bahrain is an indicator of the importance of the subject of women empowerment. These are important topics to talk about; women role in development, women as part of the social, economic and political structure to build a country and a society from a family to a community to city and to a country, Stefano Pettinato, UNDP Resident Representative, Bahrain, told BNA on the sidelines of the workshop.

I thought the first panel was phenomenal, but going forward putting together the whole agenda by covering major areas is quite a remarkable job. UNDP partnered with Derasat and with the American Political Science Association and Supreme Council for Women (SCW). This is where we get to see the role of the leadership of Bahrain. Bahrain participates in leading events like these in full force with its best representation. The SCW in Bahrain is an example also for other countries and parts of the region. I believe that thrust of the event is precisely in answering the difficult questions, he said.

We need more events like these where we can speak and debate more about it and disagree at times to build a path forward. We heard the success stories of women empowerment of Kuwait. We want to hear more about Saudi Arabia where there is a lot of progress which we have seen in the past years.

He thanked the American Political Science Association and the University of Tennessee for co-sponsoring the event.

We would like to give special thanks to our wonderful partner and sponsor Derasat, special shout out to Shaikha Nayla Al Khalifa, Dr. Omar Al Ubaydli and Carrie Bell- and everyone else on this amazing team. UNDP is proud to be a partner of the event which is reflective of the remarkable work being done by women in the Gulf.

Source: Bahrain News Agency