ESMA toughens import procedures of used vehicles

DUBAI, � The importing of used vehicles, that have been involved in serious accidents, fires, immersions in water, disassembled or overhauled or with manufacturing defects, to the UAE will be banned beginning 1st May to protect public safety, the environment and consumer rights, according to Director-General of the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, ESMA, Abdullah Abdulkader Al Maeeni.

The decision came after careful deliberation and feedback from UAE regulators about the used car market, he said in an interview with WAM on the sidelines of the fifth Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition.

ESMA is enforcing the new ban through co-operation with licensing and insurance agencies, as well as some countries of origin.

A new search engine launched last week by the ESMA enables importers to know the specifications of used vehicles and spare parts that they intend to import to the UAE, Al Maeeni said.

He noted that 13 percent of used cars were rejected by the online system due to safety and environmental reasons.

Source: Emirates News Agency