Expo 2020 Dubai to open up new, immersive world for families

DUBAI, Expo 2020 Dubai will open up a whole new, immersive world for families - a magical place that merges the fantasy of a vivid imagination with the reality of a world that needs everyone’s help, where children will encounter breakthrough new discoveries, explore the world's ecosystems and learn important lessons about our planet and humanity.

Magical mascot shows, featuring siblings Rashid and Latifa, will welcome families to join in singalongs, dance-offs and theatrical productions that share a special message of uniting to overcome adversity, and the role that each of us can play in making that possible.

Rashid's Playground in Jubilee Park is an ocean-themed adventure inspired by Rashid’s imagination and underwater exploits. Highlights include sharks on springs, whale slides, ocean liners and an interactive 3D maze modelled on one of UAE's local waters' most surprising inhabitants: the humpback whale.

For more green space, families can head to Al Forsan Park’s huge lawn. With its interlaced network of paths, the park offers a rich mosaic of opportunities for cultural interaction and recreation, including Latifa’s Adventures in Space City, where kids can bounce over nets in the ‘zero-gravity' chamber, leap into orbit around swings and hop aboard a replica of the UAE’s Hope Probe.

Marjan Faraidooni, Chief Experience Officer, Expo 2020 Dubai, said, "Expo 2020 is a captivating place for families to connect while discovering new cultures, technologies and life-changing innovations. With inspirational exploratory exhibits where children will want to explore, play is encouraged, with learning becoming a product of their experiences. Expo will open up a world of exciting, entertaining and educational experiences to millions of children, and is great value too, with children under 18 entering free of charge."

Hop aboard the Expo Explorer, a train with a difference that takes passengers on a sight-seeing journey while experiencing the sustainable future of transport. The Explorer may look like a classic locomotive, but it runs on compressed air, making it pollution-free.

The 191 Country Pavilions with a family-friendly focus, such as the Luxembourg Pavilion, which sports a 21-metre-tall slide to whisk visitors down into a green, woody space that evokes the country's beautiful forests. At the Ethiopia Pavilion, one can try a hand at the traditional board and playground games, and see folktales brought to life in the Guinea Pavilion. Visitors can experience an innovative playground that converts kids’ kinetic energy into light at the Bulgaria Pavilion, fostering imagination and creative play, and drop by the Tonga Pavilion, where Lafi and his best friend Kaho the whale chaperone visitors through an incredible enchanted forest.

Kids of all ages will love Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion, a playful experience that brings to life the UAE and Expo 2020’s commitment to sustainability, acting as a catalyst for change. Taking visitors through the wonders of the natural world, Terra is designed to change mindsets and encourage people to break the cycle of consumerism and will live on as a Science Centre after Expo closes its doors, inspiring sustainable choices for generations to come.

Source: Emirates News Agency