HAAD launches online campaign to encourage Emirati youth to pursue medical degrees

ABU DHABI, The Health Authority � Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has launched a new social media campaign to encourage UAE youth, particularly those aged 16-18 to pursue medical specialisations and join the nation’s growing healthcare sector workforce.

These latest efforts are a reflection of HAAD’s commitment to encouraging more Emirati high school students to specialise in medical disciplines, with the goal of inspiring them to take an active role in the development of a sustainable healthcare sector.

Today, there are 2,289 Emiratis currently occupying positions in the UAE healthcare sector, of which 49% are doctors and 14% are nurses. Another 9% work in dentistry, 4% work in pharmaceuticals, and the remaining 24% provide support across various other healthcare professions. In terms of gender split, 76% of all Emirati healthcare professionals are women, while 24% are men.

Of this 2,289 total, 13% – or 1,124 nationals � are doctors based in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and 315 are Emirati nurses operating in Abu Dhabi.

HAAD is looking to collaborate closely with its partners and stakeholders to help drive an increase in the ratio of female and male nationals interested in joining the medical field. The authority hopes to accomplish this goal by highlighting existing opportunities and future requirements, as well as bringing attention to the inspiring success stories of Emirati talent in the healthcare sector.

Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of Health Authority, said, “The medical profession is a truly noble one that lends a helping hand to those in need, while serving our society – and nation – as a whole. Accordingly, HAAD is making a concerted effort to attract and train people in the medical field. This should help meet the growing demand for healthcare services and ensure a healthy and constant supply of specialised Emirati talent actively involved in the development of a sustainable healthcare sector.”

Sheikha Al Dhaheri, Director of the Health Sector’s national workforce planning at HAAD, said, “Abu Dhabi Emirate continues to witness a growing demand for healthcare services; attracting more nationals to join this sector has become an urgent and top priority for us. To date, our nation’s talent has proven their value across various industries, including and particularly, within the healthcare sector.”

“This is evident in the success stories of Emirati healthcare professionals who have made a significant and inspirational impact in their line of work. Through this campaign, we wish to encourage the young generation of Emiratis who show great promise to help play an active role in strengthening the sector and its long-term sustainability by pursuing careers in the medical field,” Al Daheri added.

HAAD is cooperating with various relevant partners in order to achieve its goal. These include: Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), The Higher Colleges of Technology, Sheikha Fatima College for Health Sciences, UAE University as well as various healthcare providers across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The social media campaign will serve to provide an online platform for those looking to express their interest in learning more about the diverse medical disciplines, and about the healthcare sector in general. It will also link to other online platforms that provide extensive information on the medical programs and universities available to them, as well as instruction on how to enroll in these programmes.

The hashtag will be launched across all social media platforms to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for young Emiratis interested in pursuing medical degrees and to engage in conversations about their aspirations and career ambitions.

Source: Emirates News Agency