Hakan Koç shares his digital unicorn company story of success

DUBAI, Coders HQ, one of the National Programme for Coders initiatives hosted Hakan Koç, Co-Founder & Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board AUTO1 Group, in an inspirational session about digital companies, Ai and technology as part of HQ “get inspired” initiative.

Hakan Koç stated that digital companies are the new future of entrepreneurs, which depends on a couple of principles. The future digital companies rely on innovative and unique ideas provided for the community, making people’s life easier through digitisation, how to develop your digital platform and attract a high number of customers from around the world to enhance the utilisation of digital services and create a global network which managed smartly and unusually.

Hakan said, “For a few years, you didn’t know us, and now here we are! the point is investing in the time is not the challenge. It is the right tool, clear mind, and how willing you are to grow it bigger and bigger. The big secret is attracting the right partners and suppliers to your digital business!”.

He added, “Now I have a large company that I don’t need to run anymore. That is what the digital companies are about”.

Hakan pointed out that the way to success in digital companies is by making your process easier for the customers by what he called "KYCP," which is knowing your customer's pain.

He said, "we as a company have to know the challenges within the society, processes, life and find an innovative solution to ensure their wellbeing and our growth."

He also went briefly into how he made it as a low student into the business word stating that everything is possible if you have the motivation, desire and vision.

AUTO1.com has been Europe’s largest wholesale platform since 2012 for used cars, with over 60,000 partners in over 30 European countries using AUTO1.com. AUTO1 supports business growth with digital buying and selling solutions, best-in-class Europe-wide transport solutions, and dedicated account managers.

The Coders HQ "get inspired" initiative aims to host distinguished and successful talents, great minds, as well as inspirational speakers in the digital and technology field from around the world to share their success stories and leading experiences with the community.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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