“Khalifa Medical” adds the genetic pattern of red blood cells to analyze its services

Abu Dhabi , / added Sheikh Khalifa Medical City , one of the facilities of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company - "health" earlier this year , the pattern of gene analysis to the laboratory analysis group conducted by laboratories.

Gene pattern analysis is the process of identifying genetic differences to humans by examining the DNA sequence of DNA using a dynamic laboratory analysis and comparing the DNA sequence of another person or as a reference sequence.

Dr. Zain Yafei with a doctorate degree in immunology This analysis is used when blood transfusions to patients suffering from blood diseases such as thalassemia and sickle cell anemia , where their body antibiotics to erythrocytes transmitted so that was different from the red Kryatem .. stressing that this analysis of blood transfused helps we get a high degree of matching allows the patient the maximum benefit from transfused blood.

Said Dr. Iman Al Zaabi , Head of the Department of Pathology and medical laboratories and developments on the Canadian Board in Hematology The city laboratory is the first and main reference in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in providing specialized and accurate tests demonstrating it to "examine the genetic mismatch" where researchers conducted studies to find fingerprint blood cells red, which resulted in a kind of genetic tests that can be used in clinical laboratories.

Sheikh Khalifa City is one of the first hospitals in the Arab region , which was able to add this important for patients achievement were provided blood for patients with sickle cell anemia, for example , a high degree of compatibility because this class has the ability to form antibiotics against any different blood , which may cause a sharp break in red blood pellets were sometimes difficult to save the patient from even if it is of the same species.

Source: Emirates News Agency