Make-A-Wish Foundation launches ‘Pulse of Life’ campaign

ABU DHABI, The Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE announced the launch of a new campaign, entitled, “Pulse of Life,” which aims to raise awareness about cardiac diseases and fulfil the wishes of ill children.

In October 2020, the foundation began posting on social media and sending text messages to involve members of the community in fulfilling the wishes of several children suffering from cardiac diseases.

Regarding the programme, Hani Al Zubaidi, CEO of the Foundation, said, “We aim, through this campaign, to raise awareness about cardiac diseases that threaten children’s lives, as well as help ease their suffering by making their wishes come true, even those that may seem impossible.”

“Children suffering from cardiac diseases often feel insecure, suffer from emotional problems due to their constant paleness and restricted activities, and need to visit a cardiologist on a regular basis. We launched this campaign due to our love for giving in the UAE, and because we know the positive effects of making the wishes of children suffering from cardiac diseases come true, to give them hope of a better life, away from a hospital environment,” he added.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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