Manama Human Rights Centre calls for appointing special rapporteur on human rights in Qatar

MANAMA, The Manama Human Rights Centre has urged the international community and UN agencies concerned to appoint a special rapporteur on human rights in Qatar.

Citing the flagrant human rights abuses perpetrated by the Doha Regime against its own citizens and migrants, the Centre in a statement said, “The National Human Rights Committee in Qatar lacks any forms of independence and directly reports to the Qatari political regime, and therefore international human rights agencies have to fulfill their responsibility and investigate into the violations committed against of al-Ghofran tribesmen and the immigrant workers, including the oppressive revoking of citizenship of Qatari shaikhs and their families, including women and children.”

The continued human rights abuses committed by the Qatari regime set a precedent of impunity in the history of international law, added the centre.

It called on the UN Human Rights Council to hold a session on the flagrant violations committed by the Qatari regime and appoint a special rapporteur on the human rights situation in Qatar as well as forming an independent fact-finding committee to investigate into these abuses in order to put those behind such grave crimes against humanity before fair and impartial trial.

Source: Emirates News Agency