Megvii accelerates international roll-out of Koala smart access solution

BEIJING, Nov. 16 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Megvii Technology Limited announced the deployment of its facial recognition-based smart access solution, Koala, in Thailand, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to help international enterprise customers enhance safety and strengthen security in commercial and office settings. This represents another milestone in the Company’s efforts to help businesses across the globe accelerate their digital transformation with AI.

The Koala solution is designed to support enterprise customers in authenticating and controlling access to private and restricted locations, such as office buildings, school campuses, and residential compounds. Powered by Megvii’s proprietary algorithm, the solution enables swift authentication and registration of authorized personnel and supports functions such as attendance tracking and visitor registration and management.

Overseas locations that have recently installed Koala include:

  • Hug Gym, Chiang Mai, Thailand: Megvii customized and deployed a comprehensive smart access solution that allows gym managers to monitor and supervise the reception area with ease, including enabling one-to-one facial authentication for employees and registered gym members. The solution also encompasses real-time alerts to flag unauthorized access into the premises.
  • SEB High School, Brazil: Megvii deployed the Koala solution to improve campus safety and security, allowing for one-to-one facial authentication and identity verification of students, teachers, administrators, and other school staff. The system can also swiftly detect and flag access by unauthorized persons.
  • One of the Largest Oil Rig Builders in the United Arab Emirates (UAE): The Koala solution was deployed to enable the efficient verification of over 20,000 employees and registered visitors. This also removes the need for employees to use access cards or fingerprint verification, which can take considerably longer than one-to-one facial authentication, especially in the challenging environment of field operation.

About Megvii

Established in 2011, Megvii is a world-class AI company with a core competency in deep learning. Leveraging its proprietary AI productivity platform Brain++, Megvii focuses on three key verticals: Personal IoT, City IoT, and Supply Chain IoT. Megvii provides full-stack solutions to customers, integrating algorithms, software, hardware, and AI-empowered IoT devices.