Ministry of Community Development organises 20 awareness seminars to enhance drug addiction control

DUBAI, As part of raising awareness among families for drug prevention, the Ministry of Community Development is organising a series of workshops and seminars targeting all the members of the community all over the UAE.

The workshops are part of a programme which launched by the Ministry two years ago to continue its efforts to strengthen the role of the family in protecting children in cooperation with the National Drug Prevention Programme "Siraj" of the Anti-Drug Council and the Ministry of Interior.

Eman Hareb Al Falahi, Director of Social Protection Department at the Ministry of Community Development, revealed that the number of targeted workshops during the current year 2021, are (20) workshops included within the ministry's plan in which (8) workshops were implemented during the first quarter of this year with the number of (312) participants reaching (20) workshops by the end of the year.

The mentioned workshops were completed in the customers’ happiness centers of the Ministry throughout the UAE in cooperation with the General Directorate of Drug Control in the Ministry of Interior to serve the strategic indicator on family cohesion and community coherence.

Hareb pointed out that the ministry seeks through this awareness program to make a positive impact on all family members to protect their children and ensure their correct upbringing pointing out that the workshops were highly demanded by the family members both parents and children as they focus on raising the awareness of family members on the risk factors that may lead children to take drugs or addiction, and the importance of providing family members with the necessary skills to deal with their children positively.

The programme is also based on the importance of highlighting family cohesion and saving children from the scourge of drugs, raising the family’s awareness about protecting their children from the harmful and destructive types of narcotic substances, indications of abuse, enhancing the skills of family members to deal with their drug abused or drug addicted children, supporting the recovery of their children towards the right way and understanding their needs, in addition to the importance of positive dialogue with them, listening to them, and staying away from bad companions who may have a negative impact on their behaviors and ethics.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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