Ministry of Community Development, Shalva Organisation review basic skills for wellbeing of people of determination

DUBAI, Hessa Bint Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development, witnessed the open discussion webinar entitled, “People of Determination- Wellbeing Tips and Skills: The Role of Family Support at Home”, which was organised remotely by the School of Life Initiative affiliated with the National Happiness and Wellbeing Program, in collaboration with the Shalva Organisation for the Care and Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities. The webinar included opportunities to exchange experiences and practices about the welfare, inclusion and empowerment of people of determination, to ensure they achieve their aspirations.

A number of officials, specialists, people of determination, parents and caregivers at welfare and rehabilitation centers for people of determination attended the webinar, and discussed supporting families and raising community awareness to empower people of determination in their homes and daily environments.

The Ministry of Community Development spoke about its services, which are provided for people of determination during the COVID 19 pandemic, the early intervention program for children from birth to six years old and the impact of happiness and wellbeing on the early intervention therapeutic programs. The Ministry also discussed the UAE vision for the inclusion of people of determination at schools, education and therapeutic programs for registered children in nurseries or people of determination centers, in addition to the National Policy for Empowering People of Determination, its goals, vision, objectives and strategic initiatives, as well as the role of the policy in achieving the best methods of inclusion, employment and empowerment in these categories.

Additionally, the Shalva Organisation gave a detailed presentation about the strategy, goals and programs of the organisation, its role in supporting early intervention programs, especially the “Mummy and Me” initiative and post-partum family support program provided by the organisation to families, with special focus on skills and protocols for people of determination, their families and community at large.

The webinar also included an open discussion with experts about the protocols, early intervention programs, home therapeutic programs and rehabilitation, as well as home skills and adaptation methods, especially with Down Syndrome and Autism categories. It also displayed videos about some families describing their experiences with mental and emotional wellbeing challenges with their children during COVID 19.

It is noted that the webinar comes as part of the workshop series, events and activities that are related to the preparation of the national human rights plan, under the supervision of the UAE National Human Rights Committee. The support and empowerment of people of determination is among the top priorities to be included in the national plan.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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