Murtaza Jatoi directs PHSADC to focus on exports

Minister for Industries and Production Ghulam Murtaza Khan Jatoi Wednesday directed Pakistan Hunting and Sports Arms Development Company (PHSADC) to focus on exports rather than internal sale.

The sensitive security situation of Pakistan had made it difficult for the government to allow sale of arms, even for a sporting purpose, within the country, he added.

The Minister assured PHSADC of his Ministry’s full support and offered that he would help the company get in contact with law enforcement and paramilitary institutions such as a the Police and Rangers so that these institutions could be the company’s clients as well.

He was presiding over a meeting with a delegation of PHSADC here.

As far as logistic issues were concerned, the Minister suggested that Civil Aviation Authority should be contacted by PHSADC for assistance in this regard.

The Minister stressed that his Ministry would extend its assistance to bolster the sporting arms industry while maintaining internal harmony in Pakistan by keeping a strict eye on security measures relevant to PHSADC.

The representatives of PHSADC briefed the Minister about the performance of the organization and gave an overview of their management.

The company also presented the categories of products they produce which include pistols, shotguns and rifles, specifically SKS rifles.

The company said that they maintain the highest quality standards certified by USA’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF) and France’s Commission internationale permanente pour lpreuve des armes ¦ feu portatives (CIP) covering the UK also.

PHSADC said that even though the company’s products were produced manual as compared to the automated mechanism used by international manufacturers, their quality and performance standards were at par with each another.

The company has exported products worth Rs. 23.32 million and orders worth Rs. 21.40 million are in the process to countries such as Austria, Lebanon, UK and USA.

The company appealed to the Minister that they face financial, production, logistic and export policy related issues.

PHSADC used its own funds and financial assistance from Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) to order machinery which is on route but require additional financial support to improve their business.

Furthermore, mass production is difficult as currently they produce two dozen products and can exponentially increase this amount with the support of the Ministry of Industries and Production.

Moreover, Emirates is the only airline which provides logistic support to PHSADC and the company requested the Minister for alternatives.

As far as export policy was concerned, PHSADC shared grievances of their goods not being categorized as commercial goods so far and NOC being difficult to obtain.