Nominations close October 1 for Sheikh Zayed Book Award

ABU DHABI, The Sheikh Zayed Book Award has urged applicants to make sure to send in their entries for its 13th edition latest by October 1st, across the Award’s nine categories, which include ‘Contribution to the Development of Nations’, ‘Children’s Literature’, ‘Young Author’, ‘Translation’, ‘Literature’, ‘Literary and Art Criticism’, ‘Arab Culture in Other Languages’, ‘Technology and Publishing’ and ‘Personality of the Year’.

Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, Secretary-General of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, said, “In line with our continuous efforts to improve and upgrade the Award’s processes and systems, we have launched a new online nominations portal to ease the application process for all applicants. And I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all cultural and literary entities, both individuals and organisations, to make use of the remaining few days until the deadline to send their nominations to be considered for the 13th edition.”

The nominations’ eligibility as per the award’s regulations state that applicants must apply online � through a newly developed nomination system. Following the online submission, applicants should send five copies of the book to the Award Office listed on the Award’s website. Books may be nominated by individuals, including self-nomination by authors, translators and by publishing houses, and no book may be submitted for consideration in more than one category. Books should also have been published in the last two years of submission. Some categories are treated differently, and more information is available on

In most of the Award categories, nominated titles should be written in Arabic, however, the award’s inclusive vision encourages nominations in all other languages as well, through two categories; ‘Translation’ and ‘Arab Culture in Other Languages’.

Source: Emirates News Agency