‘On National Day, we celebrate a rich journey of achievements’: Saqr Ghobash

ABU DHABI, Saqr Ghobash, Speaker of the Federal National Council, FNC, has congratulated the UAE's leadership, citizens and residents on the 48th National Day, saying that country's remarkable journey of achievements is characterised by unity and cooperation between the people and leadership.

In his message marking the occasion, Ghobash said, "As we celebrate the UAE's 48th National Day, we are proud of our overall distinguished and remarkable achievements achieved with Allah Almighty's blessings, and due to the wisdom of the leadership and the loyalty of the Emirati people. Our journey is characterised by unity and cooperation between the people and leadership, which aims to invest in the development of the Emirati people and achieve safety, security and happiness. It is also a journey of continued openness to other countries, while seeking peace, development, justice and respect for the rights of all people to a decent life."

Ghobash said that the founding leaders, most notably the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, realised that the power of unity is the key foundation of building a country capable of overcoming challenges and providing its people with decent lives, adding that the leadership is following their legacy and achieving successes, enabling the UAE to occupy a prominent position among the world's best countries.

"Our beloved country is continuing the journey of overall achievements, with the latest being Emirati women's empowerment, highlighted by the appointment of half of the seats in the FNC to women, in an unprecedented local and international step," he added.

"All members of the FNC congratulate the UAE's leadership, citizens and residents on this occasion. We reiterate our pledge to remain loyal to a nation that has given us everything, and to a leadership that has served the nation and its citizens," he stressed.

Source: Emirates News Agency