Palestinian Foreign Ministry Welcomes Jamaica’s Palestinian State Recognition

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed Jamaica’s decision to recognize the State of Palestine and join the international endeavor to implement the two-state solution and uphold respect for the right of the Palestinian people to live in freedom and dignity in their independent state.

The ministry also appreciated the statements of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica, Kamina Johnson Smith, where she called on all states to opt for diplomatic solutions rather than military options, calling for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza and intensifying the provision of humanitarian aid to the strip.

The Palestinian ministry of foreign affairs called on all states to follow suit and recognize the State of Palestine for the rules-based international order to regain its credibility.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Media Celebrates HH the Amir’s Visit to Bangladesh, Signaling New Phase of Bilateral Partnership -1-

In an article for the Blitz newspaper in Bangladesh writer Tajul Islam said that HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani is among the leaders who left an indelible imprint on the path of their country, and over the past ten years his leadership has been characterized by vision and flexibility and commitment to progress.

In his article under the title “A decade of praiseworthy leadership of HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani,” the writer added that since assuming power, HH the Amir has expressed a clear vision for Qatar’s future, with a focus on economic diversification, social development, and diplomatic engagement. Under his leadership, Qatar has implemented ambitious infrastructure projects, such as the modern Hamad International Airport and the Education City, which includes branches of leading international universities.

He added that given the finite nature of hydrocarbon resources, His Highness gave priority to economic diversification, as it is the cornerstone of Qatar’s development strategy. HH
the Amir’s commitment to social development is evident in his efforts to promote health care, education, and cultural enrichment. The healthcare system in Qatar has witnessed great developments under HH the Amir’s leadership through investments in state-of-the-art medical facilities and initiatives to promote public health awareness.

He noted that in the field of diplomacy, HH the Amir followed a practical and proactive approach, positioning Qatar as a mediator and facilitator of dialogue on regional and global issues. His Highness also played a pivotal role in promoting stability and peace in the Middle East through diplomatic initiatives and humanitarian aid. Qatar’s mediation efforts have contributed to resolving conflicts in various regions, including Afghanistan and Sudan.

He indicated that Qatar is one of the most prominent providers of humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of displaced persons and refugees throughout the Middle East and beyond, reflecting HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-T
hani’s commitment to solidarity and compassion.

The writer pointed out that the successful hosting of major international sporting events, such as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, embodies the strategic use of sports diplomacy to enhance Qatar’s global standing and enhance dialogue between countries.

He said that HH the Amir gave priority to empowering and engaging youth through initiatives that promote education, entrepreneurship, and civic participation. He added that HH the Amir stressed the importance of environmental sustainability as an essential element of Qatar’s development strategy and that the establishment of the Qatar National Food Security Program and the investments in renewable energy infrastructure demonstrates the proactive approach followed by HH the Amir in confronting environmental challenges and ensuring a sustainable future for future generations.

He concluded the article by saying that the vision of the wise leadership was characterized by flexibility and a firm commitment to progress
, and HH the Amir’s strategic initiatives contributed to advancing development in Qatar on multiple fronts, from economic diversification and social development to diplomatic engagement and environmental sustainability. As Qatar continues on its path toward growth and transformation, the legacy of HH the Amir, as a visionary leader who overcame challenges with insight and determination, will continue to shape the nation’s future for years to come.

In an article for the Bengali researcher Kamal Uddin, the Eurasia Review newspaper said that Bangladesh has always maintained a positive stance towards the Middle East with regard to its foreign policy, since gaining independence. The Gulf region has played a significant role in shaping Bangladesh’s foreign policy, and this is evident through cooperative efforts in the areas of trade exchange, culture, and strategic alliances. He added that the visit of HH the Amir is a clear example of the warm relationship between the two countries.

He added that recently, the r
elationship between Qatar and Bangladesh has reached an important stage, characterized by diplomatic progress, enhanced defense cooperation, notable educational achievements, and strong economic development.

The writer emphasized that the cooperation between Qatar and Bangladesh in the field of energy contributes to improving relations between the two countries, considering that the visit highlights the great value that the two countries attach to their bilateral relations.

The Indian Orissa Diary website highlighted the Asian tour undertaken by HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, which includes the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Nepal, considering that it is part of Qatar’s consistent approach to strengthening strategic relations and partnerships with Asia.

In a report entitled “Qatar Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to Travel to the Nepal, Philippines, Bangladesh,” the website said that HH the Amir’s discussions with the leaders of the Philippines, Nepal, and Bangladesh will focus on ways to s
trengthen relations in various fields and regional and international issues of common interest.

The report added that the well-established Qatari-Asian relations have witnessed steady development thanks to the mutual keenness of both sides to develop and enhance them in various fields. Recently, these relations have witnessed radical growth, as high-level visits were exchanged between Qatari and Asian officials, and Qatar and Asian countries intensified the implementation of joint economic and investment projects and coordinating stances on various regional and international issues.

“Aware of Asia’s vital role in consolidating the regional and global economies and achieving global food security, Qatar has dived into Asia with the aim of fostering global and regional economic security. In turn, Asia’s fast-growing economies attach overriding attention to further deepening relations with Qatar,” the report added.

The report indicated that the mutually beneficial Qatari-Asian relations serve the national inte
rests of both parties. “Bearing in mind economic diversification as a top priority of the Qatar National Vision 2030, Doha considers the ample economic opportunities for diverse investments in Asia across several sectors, including agriculture, infrastructure, transportation, financial institutions and energy sectors. Meanwhile, multiple Asian countries appeal to potential multi-sector Qatari investments in a bid to push their economies, provide further job opportunities, and to rocket their foreign exports,” the report said.

The report indicated that Doha hosts thousands of migrant workers from many Asian countries. Recognizing their contributions to the Qatari economy and the development of their home nations, Qatar has adopted leading labour rights reforms that can serve as a role model for other countries in the region. Among these reforms comes the non-discriminatory minimum wage, a legislation highly commended by the International Labour Organization and other international agencies concerned with work

The report considered that the relations of the State of Qatar with the 10 countries of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia enhance cooperation in multiple fields, and support all efforts aimed at enhancing regional and international security and peace, and developing relations and cooperation with Asia in general, and ASEAN countries in particular.

The website pointed out that Qatar and the Philippines have signed various bilateral agreements that are constantly developing through the joint committee meeting, which was recently agreed to be held annually to advance bilateral relations to broader horizons. The website said that one of the consistent results of Doha’s policy aimed at strengthening relations with the Philippine government and strengthening relations between the peoples of the two friendly countries is the opening of the Qatar Visa Center (QVC) in Manila on Sep. 25, 2019.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Media Celebrates HH the Amir’s Visit to Bangladesh, Signaling New Phase of Bilateral Partnership

Doha: Amidst a warm welcome and significant appreciation of the Asian tour and its outcomes, Bangladeshi media highlighted the tour of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to several Asian countries, commencing with visits to the Philippines then Bangladesh, and concluding in Nepal. This tour aims to bolster Qatar’s relations and strategic partnerships with Asian countries, manifested through the signing of agreements and memoranda of understanding in various fields.

Bangladeshi media expressed great interest and closely followed the visit of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to Dhaka, considering it a turning point in the bilateral relations between the two countries, signaling the beginning of a new phase in their bilateral partnership.

In this context, a report by The Business Standard, a Bangladeshi newspaper, mentioned that HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani’s visit to Bangladesh is a result of a visit by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to Doha in May 2023. During that visit, she
participated in the Qatar Economic Forum and engaged in crucial bilateral discussions.

The report, titled “The Upcoming Visit of the Amir of Qatar to Bangladesh: Ushering in a new chapter in bilateral partnership,” by Nahim Razzaq, a Bangladeshi Member of Parliament, stated that recent developments signal a growing partnership between Bangladesh and Qatar, with the foundation laid for enhancing cooperation between the two countries through the signing of a long-term agreement for liquefied natural gas imports in June 2023. He pointed out that the positive development in relations between the two countries was driven by Qatar’s commitment to supporting the media industry in Bangladesh at the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers in February 2024, along with other discussions that included military cooperation at the Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition in March 2024.

The report highlighted significant progress in various areas of Bangladesh-Qatar relations, surpassing the traditional economic
dimension limited to oil and financial transfers. It noted that both countries’ leadership successfully transformed their relations into deep strategic ties, exemplified by Qatar’s commitment to exporting an additional 1.5 million tons of liquefied natural gas annually to Bangladesh over the next 15 years. This agreement aims to address the energy generation supply shortfall in Bangladesh, highlighting Qatar’s importance as a reliable energy partner for Bangladesh.

The report underscored the substantial importance of the visit for both Bangladesh and Qatar, indicating a new phase in their bilateral partnership. It demonstrated the commitment of both leaderships to enhancing bilateral relations and supporting cooperation across various sectors.

In turn, the Bangladesh Post showed keen interest in the visit of HH the Amir to Bangladesh, as reported in an article titled “Bangladesh Rolls Out Red Carpet for Qatar Amir.” The paper said that the visit focused on various agreements concerning combating tax evasion
, legal cooperation, maritime transport, as well as the development and protection of mutual investments, and the establishment of a joint business council.

Several Bangladeshi TV channels provided extensive coverage of HH the Amir’s visit to Dhaka, with the United News of Bangladesh agency reporting that Qatar and Bangladesh signed 11 cooperation documents, including six agreements and five memoranda of understanding.

The agency, in a report titled “Bangladesh and Qatar Sign 6 Agreements and 5 Memoranda of Understanding During the Official Visit of the Amir of Qatar,” stated that the agreements covered areas such as double taxation avoidance, tax evasion, legal affairs cooperation, mutual investment promotion and protection, maritime transport services, and the formation of a joint business council. Additionally, the five memoranda of understanding were signed in areas of cooperation including the workforce sector, port management, higher education and research, youth and sports cooperation, and diplomatic

“With this visit, the relations between Bangladesh and Qatar will reach a new height. This is the first-ever high level visit from any country of the Middle East after the formation of a new government in January this year,” the report quoted Foreign Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud as saying.

Furthermore, in addition to bilateral cooperation areas, global issues were also discussed, including the Israeli war on Gaza, with Bangladesh highlighting its stance. Dr. Hasan Mahmud emphasized, “Naturally, this discussion can come up. Killings in Gaza should be stopped. Everyone wants it. We want it.” Qatar, a country rich in petroleum and natural gas with the highest average per capita income, is considered an influential country in the Middle East due to its strong economy, geopolitical position and diplomatic activity and mediation, said the foreign minister.

He pointed out that recently the areas of trade, investment and employment creation, energy, aviation, agriculture, food security, climate change, etc.
have been identified to expand the scope of bilateral cooperation through diplomatic communication and discussions at various levels with Qatar.

In a related context, the Bangladesh Post stated that Dhaka seeks to increase Qatari investments in Bangladesh and provide all possible trade benefits to the country, including allocating lands in special economic zones in Bangladesh. Additionally, according to sources from the Bangladeshi Foreign Ministry, Dhaka has invited Doha to import leather goods, pharmaceutical products, and ready-made garments from Bangladesh.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Chairman of Qatar-Moldova Parliamentary Friendship Group Meets Ambassador of Moldova

Doha: HE Member of the Shura Council and Chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship Group between the State of Qatar and the Republic of Moldova, Mohammed bin Fahad Al Mesallam, met Wednesday with HE Ambassador of Moldova to the State of Qatar Iulian Grigorita.

During the meeting, they discussed the parliamentary cooperation relations between Qatar and Moldova and ways to enhance them.

The meeting was attended by HE Badi bin Ali Al Badi, member of the Council and member of the Parliamentary Friendship Group.

Source: Qatar News Agency

President of National Cyber Security Agency Meets UK Ambassador

Doha:oha, HE President of National Cyber Security Agency Eng. Abdul Rahman bin Ali Al Farahid Al Maliki met Wednesday with HE Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the State of Qatar Neerav Patel.

During the meeting, they discussed aspects of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the field of cybersecurity, and ways to develop and strengthen the partnership in this field.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Israeli Aggression on Gaza Kills 34,262 Palestinians, Injures 77,229 Others

The israeli occupation’s ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip killed at least 34,262 Palestinians and injured at least 77,229 others.

Health sources said that the israeli occupation forces committed six massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, killing 79 Palestinians and injuring 86 others, during the past 24 hours.

Many victims are still under the rubble and on the streets, where ambulance and civil defense cannot reach them as the israeli occupation prevents them from doing so, the sources added.

The israeli occupation’s intense and unprecedented aggression against the Gaza Strip has continued for 201 consecutive days, launching dozens of air strikes and shelling by land and sea, and bombing health facilities, residential areas and citizens’ homes and demolishing them with their residents inside – killing and wounding tens of thousands of Palestinians.

The israeli occupation has left behind an unprecedented humanitarian tragedy, as hundreds of thousands of residents of the Gaza Strip live in very d
ifficult conditions in light of the occupation preventing the arrival of humanitarian aid and the lack of water, food, medicine and fuel.

Source: Qatar News Agency