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QNA Launches Course on “Illustrated Story for Different Platforms”

Doha, Qatar News Agency has launched a training course titled "Illustrated Story for Different Platforms" at its headquarters. The course is part of a series of training programs organized by QNA with the aim of training and enhancing the skills of national media professionals in specialized media and journalism fields.

The five-day "Illustrated Story for Different Platforms" course is designed to develop and improve the skills of employees in various government institutions. It aims to provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to work with photographic images and videos across different platforms. The course will cover aspects such as the qualitative perspective of the photos, stages of photo and video production, distribution, and publication across various platforms.

Key topics within the course include journalistic photography, illustrated storytelling for different platforms, narrative and visual storytelling, pre-production, production, and post-production phases.

Participants will also be trained in selecting and analyzing photos in various media, understanding their importance, and creative content creation.

The intensive training course will significantly enhance the photography capabilities of participants and provide valuable opportunities for employees of participating institutions to expand their knowledge and improve their photography skills across different platforms. Effective methodologies for image handling and analysis will be a central focus, allowing for productive interaction and exchange among participants.

In March 2023, Qatar News Agency opened "QNA Training Halls" at its headquarters. This initiative aligns with QNA's vision to develop media professionals by offering specialized training programs and nurturing young, qualified Qatari talents capable of staying updated with the transformations and developments in this crucial field.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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