Sharjah rains cause postponement of Culture Capital Celebrations

WAM SHARJAH, 27th March, 2014 (WAM) — The Executive Committee for the Sharjah Islamic Culture Capital 2014 Celebrations have announced the postponement of the official programme of Sharjah Islamic Culture Capital celebrations, which include unveiling the memorial of Sharjah Islamic Culture Capital followed by the epical theatrical performance, “Clusters of Light”. The celebrations will now commence on Sunday, 30th March 2014, and other performances will be scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Executive Committee clarified the need for the postponement, stating, “Due to Clusters of Light’ being staged at an open-air amphitheatre and the extensive audio-visual effects employed during the performance needing stable weather, the unexpected rainfall that has been experienced has necessitated an adjustment in the schedule. Our decision to postpone the inauguration of this epical theatrical performance is equally due to our concern for the safety of both spectators and performers and out of our eagerness to present an outstanding performance that is proportional to the magnitude of the occasion.” The Executive Committee of Sharjah Islamic Culture Capital 2014 Celebrations took the opportunity to congratulate the nation and people on the rainfall, calling it ‘a mercy and blessing’.

The committee extended its thanks and appreciation to all stakeholders who are offering facilities and services to overcome these circumstances, who understand the cause of the postponement, and welcomed Sharjah’s guests, giving them a chance to enjoy the emirate’s cultural, art, and tourist landmarks in the coming days.

“We highly appreciate the support of the local, Arab and international media and their understanding of this decision. We are honoured by their presence in Sharjah on this momentous occasion and thank them for accommodating us,” the statement concluded.


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