The 11th Nursing Midwifery Research Conference kicks off

The 11th Nursing Midwifery Research Conference, organized by Dubai Hospital was launched on Thursday under the slogan Emerging Trends Research and Innovation in Nursing and Midwifery Practice. The conference aims to recognize and appreciate the important contributions of nurses and midwives to the health field and encourage them to participate in research. It also aims to provide a great opportunity for DHA nurses to showcase their studies. Commenting on the conference, His Excellency Humaid Al Qutami, Director General of the DHA said that the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nurses make up 50% of the total health sector workforce globally. The WHO also emphasizes that, by 2030, the world will be in urgent need of an additional nine million nursing and midwifery workers, in order to achieve the third goal of the sustainable development goals related to health and well-being. This clearly indicates the pivotal role of nursing, not only at the level of the health facility, but also in terms of development work and the strategic goals of any health institution keen to make a qualitative leap in its systems and services. In light of the repeated international calls for the optimal investment in the manpower working in the field of nursing, in addition to give nurses the opportunity to participate in the planning and making of policies, as well as leading the development work, Al Qutami said. Dr Farida Al Khaja, CEO of Clinical Support Services and Nursing Sector at DHA said that the authority recognizes and appreciates the important contributions of nurses and midwives to DHA's many successes. For this reason, we are also committed to providing ongoing professional development that encourages our nurses and midwives to reach their full potential � including their participation in research. She added that a feature of any profession is to acquire, develop, and grow a unique body of knowledge. This would not be possible without conducting high-quality research. Another important feature that distinguishes a professional group, is their responsibility to share their knowledge. This transfer of knowledge enables the next generation of the profession to continue building and investing in the knowledge capital of their profession. Conferences such as this, provide an ideal opportunity for this exchange of knowledge to occur, she concluded.

Source: Dubai Health Authority