The Lyse Group Selects Axiros to Power its Smart Systems

MUNICH, May 8, 2013 /PRNewswire — The Lyse Group, an energy and telecommunications leader based in southwestern Norway, has selected Axiros to power its smart energy initiative, Lyse Smart AS. The partnership will benefit more than 150,000 households.

The move comes on the heels of the European Union’s Smart Meter Mandate requiring European countries to increase energy security, reduce carbon output, and improve competitiveness in the energy sector. The Smart initiative will allow utilities to monitor energy consumption, costs and greenhouse emissions.

Recognized as a technology leader in advanced service and device management, Axiros was selected by Lyse as a consequence of cooperation within the telecom value chain. Axiros’ software platform, AXPERIENCE, will enable Lyse Smart to:

  • Automate configuration, activation and problem resolution;
  • Reduce costs associated with field installation, ongoing maintenance and support; and
  • Enable delivery of value-added services. The first of these to be delivered in the field will be home automation, alarm and welfare services.

The Axiros platform will allow Lyse to manage several backhaul networks, (e.g., fiber, cellular and radio connections) so if one system is failing, communications will be re-routed to another. The bottom line will be improved quality of service, customer retention and operational efficiency.

Lyse Smarts CTO Oddbjorn Sorseth says, “I was impressed with how well the Axiros system met each of our company’s criteria for a remote management system and service optimization.”

Lyse smart meters will be paired with a smart gateway powered by the Axiros AXACT software for embedded devices. With Lyse Smart, customers can remotely access and run several of their appliances via a smartphone or tablet.

And, because Axiros products boast an open architecture, the platform will be easily integrated into the Lyses IT-architecture, delivering another benefit: rapid deployment and rapid time to market.

Axiros CEO Kurt Peterhans says he is delighted to partner with Lyse on the smart effort. “Lyse is employing a cutting-edge approach to the smart metering initiative,” he says. “We’re thrilled that they have singled out our product to assist them in meeting their goals.”

Lyse Group anticipates deploying the new system within the year.

Lyse is a Norwegian industrial Group operating within the fields of energy and telecommunication.

Axiros provides device and service management solutions across fixed and mobile networks for consumer, enterprise and M2M markets.

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