The World Council For Tolerance And Peace Commends Iraq For Designating The 6th Of March As A National Day Of Tolerance

Dubai The International Council for Tolerance and Peace praised the declaration of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, to make March 6, as a national day for tolerance and coexistence in Iraq, on the occasion of the historic meeting that brought together Pope Francis, the Pope of the Catholic Church and the Supreme Shiite Authority, Ali al-Sistani in the city of Najaf.

In a statement on this occasion, Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Jarwan, Chairman of the Council, said: “Such trends are in line with the objectives of the International Council for Tolerance and Peace and its basic principles calling for tolerance and the achievement of peaceful coexistence between religions and ethnicities,” stressing the importance of achieving and strengthening stability and peace in Iraq and rejecting sectarianism and the scourge of terrorism and the conflicts that brought death, destruction and persecution that the brotherly Iraqi people suffered from over the past years.

He stressed: “The Council strongly supports this historic event, which represents a true embodiment of love, nobility, solidarity, unity and consolidating the values of coexistence among all Iraqi factions and sects, and it also represents a strong message calling for support for the stability of Iraq and the reconstruction of this country that has suffered from the scourge of war and sectarianism.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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