UAE continues support to normalise life in liberated areas of Yemen

ADEN, -- The UAE is continuing its support to normalise life in liberated Yemeni governorates in different sectors, as part of its efforts to ease the suffering of Yemeni citizens and improve services provided to them.

As part of its plan to restore operations in Aden International Airport, the UAE today offered a number of buses to transfer passengers to and from aeroplanes, in an attempt to improve the quality of services for travellers.

This initiative provides technical equipment that facilitates the transfer of travellers and their bags, as well as providing the airport with modern equipment for transferring luggage, and repairing the air conditioning system in its halls.

Tariq Abdo Ali, Director of Aden International Airport, praised the UAE's considerable efforts since the liberation of the temporary capital, Aden.

He stated that the Emirati support is a continuation of its effort to Aden International Airport since its liberation, by restoring the airport and control tower, providing maintenance for the runway and halls, and supplying modern equipment and fire trucks.

He clarified that these efforts were aimed at restoring Aden International Airport to its pioneering position while decreasing the suffering of travellers after the airport's destruction by the coup militias.

He added that the UAE's efforts contributed in the airport's recent return to working order and in restoring normal operations and receiving daily flights.

Source: Emirates News Agency