UAE playing key role in supporting victims of humanitarian crises: NCEMA Director-General

ABU DHABI, Obaid Rashid Al Hassan Al Shamsi, Director-General of the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, NCEMA, stated that the UAE is playing a key role in providing aid and supporting victims of humanitarian crises.

In his speech marking the International Day of Disaster Reduction on 13th October, Al Shamsi said that the UAE’s humanitarian programmes in different regions of the world are characterised by diversity, quality and early response.

He also noted the establishment of the NCEMA, which has drafted legislation and laws related to disaster management, as well as the seven-year “Sendai Agreement,” which aims to reduce deaths from global disasters by constructing stronger infrastructure that is prepared for climate change-related problems.

He added that the UAE has adopted a comprehensive vision to launch quality and environmentally-friendly infrastructure projects that limit risks through reinforcing the cooperation between relevant authorities and local, regional and international organisations.

“The NCEMA has the strategic planning required for preparing and responding to emergencies, as well as training and organising emergency teams,” he added, noting that it aims to predict risks, prevent and mitigate the effects of crises and disasters, and strengthen the UAE’s capacity to confront and manage emergencies and disasters.

The UAE is not just focussed on constructing quality infrastructure, but also in highlighting its keenness to ensure the UAE has a clean environment, and ingrain leadership and quality as a way of life, he added.

Source: Emirates News Agency