UAE Press: The fun of the fair and a fair price for all

ABU DHABI, In an editorial on Monday, the Gulf News said that schools are closed and the summer holiday season is in full swing. “For many, it means leaving the UAE and returning to friends and family for the summer, and for others, a chance to go away for a few weeks. But for many more, now is the season to enjoy the best that the UAE has to offer,” it added.

“Over recent years and all across the UAE, many theme parks and tourist attractions have been built and opened their doors to offer themed entertainment, family amusements, water parks, faster and faster rides, more dazzling and higher-spinning rollercoasters or twirlers. For families, a day out at these theme parks is often the highlight of the holidays. Photos are taken, memories made, good times and many laughs along with the occasional tear are created and will be cherished in the years to come.

“Sadly, however, these theme parks come with a price one that is prohibitive to many families who are bearing the expenses of schools and accommodation, insurance, fees and other costs that are involved in supporting children and others. And that is a pity,” the English language daily continued.

“Yes, these theme parks have spent a great deal on infrastructure, planning, safety, the latest technology, the latest trends in entertainment and amusement facilities. For that, they deserve credit and we are lucky to have such a diverse collection here across the UAE.

“Now, with fewer foreign visitors coming to the UAE during summer, wouldn’t it be a nice and welcome gesture if these parks were to create and offer UAE-residents only discounts for families? That would bring a summer smile to all indeed,” the Dubai-based daily concluded.

Source: Emirates News Agency