UAE Sports Arbitration Centre calls on UAEFA to cancel arbitration committee

DUBAI, The UAE Sports Arbitration Centre (UAESAC) has requested the UAE Football Association (UAEFA) to cancel its arbitration committee, as per Article 17 of Federal Law No.16 of 2016 on the establishment of the UAESAC.

According to the law, sports arbitration commissions existing at the time of its enforcement must regularise their status in line with its provisions within one year.

The UAESAC statement issued today stressed that the letter directed to the UAEFA affirmed that its policies must be amended under Federal Law No.16 for 2016 on the establishment of the UAESAC.

"We have contacted the UAEFA to cancel the arbitration committee according to Article (7/4) of its arbitration committee’s regulations stipulating that it will adjudicate appeals on decisions issued by the UAEFA’s committees until the UAESAC begins undertaking its duties. As the UAESAC began operating on 20th June, 2020, the arbitration committee must be cancelled and the UAESAC’s decision must be implemented. The arbitration committee must be informed about all related legal procedures within ten working days from the date of this statement," said Dherar Belhoul, Vice President of the UAESAC.

Source: Emirates News Agency