UAEREP to integrate awardee projects into unified multi-component atmospheric model

ABU DHABI, The UAE Research Programme for Rain Enhancement Science, UAEREP, has unveiled an ambitious new plan to integrate the programme’s nine awardee projects, which are currently running in three programme cycles, into an advanced model entitled “Integrating Schemes from UAEREP projects into a unified multi-component atmospheric model”.

Aimed at improving cloud seeding methods through leveraging the research findings of awardee projects, the collaborative scientific venture will increase the accuracy of weather forecasts related to clouds amenable to seeding operations in the UAE.

To achieve this aim, researchers will develop a unified model that integrates studies of micro physics, cloud chemistry, and cloud electrical properties. The researchers will also examine the effect of aerosols on clouds accumulation and development and the role terrain plays in the formation of various types of clouds.

Dr. Abdulla Al Mandous, Director of the National Center of Meteorology, NCM, said, “In launching this initiative, we are seeking to translate the long-term objectives of the UAEREP into successful outcomes that benefit arid and semi-arid regions around the world through new technologies. These will improve the quality of cloud-seeding operations while also providing sustainable solutions to water-scarcity challenges. We are proud of what we have achieved so far in this vital area, and we will continue our pursuit to achieve more.”

The UAEREP Awardees will take part in this project, with Professor Volker Wulfmeyer acting as the Chair of the Awardees working group. The model is scheduled to be developed at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi and made operational in time for the completion of the programme’s current third cycle at the end of 2020.

In turn, Alya Al Mazroui, Director of the UAEREP, commented, “This initiative demonstrates our programme’s commitment to maintaining the UAE’s scientific leadership in this field through the development and use of the most advanced scientific and technological methods. Through this project, we are seeking to integrate the advances made by our awardee projects to break new ground in rain enhancement science and enhancing the effectiveness of cloud seeding research and operations.”

Source: Emirates News Agency