We are here to connect with markets from around the world: Prime Minister of Eswatini

DUBAI, Cleopas Dlamini, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Eswatini, visited the Eswatini Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, accompanied by a high-level government delegation.

Commenting on Eswatini’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai, Dlamini said, "It is very important for Eswatini to be here. Eswatini is a very productive country, with a number of [different] sectors, industries - and it has a small economy. Coming here [to Expo 2020] will ensure that we connect with other markets.

"Our message to the world is that we want you to come to Eswatini. You can already see what we offer here - you have an opportunity to set up with a very productive labour force, and with very vibrant infrastructure you can come and be profitable."

The Eswatini Pavilion, located in the Mobility District, allows visitors to experience the country’s diverse and unique potential, ranging from investment in infrastructure, commerce, technology and innovation, tourism and travel, agriculture, and food production.

The pavilion offers a rich calendar of artistic and musical events to give visitors a taste of Eswatini culture, and the opportunity to learn about Eswatini’s various environments and activities - from watching wildlife, to water rafting and trekking - as well as its changing natural habitats.

Source: Emirates News Agency