Workshop enhances children’s patent right awareness

DUBAI — As part of nationwide efforts to ensure patent protection, the Dubai Department of Economic Development, DED, has organised a workshop titled “Protect Your Idea” to create awareness among children about intellectual property, IP, rights.

Organised by the Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection, CCCP, sector at DED, as part of its endeavours to educate different segments of the UAE society on the importance of IP, the workshop was conducted as an engaging and entertaining platform where children received useful tips on IP protection.

Hassan Ali, Director of the Business Protection Department at DED, said, “The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection sector uses popular venues and events across Dubai to deliver our messages. As one of the most popular locations with a large number of shops and international brands, Dubai Mall was an ideal venue to reach out to children and families.”

The two-day workshop targeted children aged 13 and below to provide them with a basic understanding on IP and related issues through simplified messages and a recreational environment.

“It’s an ideal age group to make a positive change and we believe in the capabilities of our younger generations in adding value to the economy of Dubai and the UAE in general,” Ali said.

The workshop included varied activities, including a Spell n’ Win, Balloon binding, Puzzles, Photo Booth, Face Painting and drawing session. The message particularly was on creating an ideal IP environment supported by awareness, transparency and commitment to high quality standards.

Source: Emirates News Agency