Resonac Partners with Matmerize to Pioneer 6G Technology Advancement using Innovative AI Software

ATLANTA, Sept. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a significant collaboration, Matmerize, Inc., a materials AI innovator, and Resonac Corporation have formed a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the landscape of 6G technology. Building on the strong collaborative foundation, Resonac will leverage the power of Matmerize’s PolymRize™ AI software technology to accelerate the development of exceptional high-performance neat and composite materials for 6G technology and beyond.

In January 2023, Resonac Corporation announced plans to develop new semiconductor materials for 6G, the next-generation telecommunication system standard following 5G. With 6G set to be 100 times faster than 5G, new semiconductor materials are needed to substantially reduce the transmission loss associated with the increased communication speed. To meet this requirement, Resonac will identify optimal materials with the required characteristics through computational and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods in a collaborative venture with Matmerize, Inc. Where manual testing using traditional techniques would demand three months to assess a single materials combination, Matmerize’s AI software, PolymRize™, reduces the time required to a single day and can evaluate up to 90 combinations within the same three-month span. The result promises to be a fusion of materials engineering and artificial intelligence, poised to redefine the development of 6G technology.

PolymRize™ harnesses Matmerize’s proprietary data or client-specific data to construct predictive models. Once built, these models rapidly predict the properties of novel, yet-to-be-synthesized polymers, composites, and formulations, complete with their associated uncertainties. The software employs automated and generative design tools to recommend ideal candidates that meet property requirements for subsequent rounds of physical experimentation. PolymRize™ thus accelerates the journey towards target materials, drastically reducing both time and costs. Moreover, it introduces a framework for data management and organization, and has emerged as a dependable digital aide for chemists and process engineers.

In a pilot initiative, Resonac evaluated Matmerize’s capabilities. Predictive models were constructed using PolymRize™ and 3rd party software for key material properties relevant to 6G technology. Properties included bandgap, dielectric constant, refractive index, glass transition temperature, and coefficient of linear expansion. The performance of PolymRizeTM and third-party models were assessed by making property predictions for identical unseen test cases. PolymRizeTM predictions consistently out-performed third-party models in speed and accuracy (see figure showing Performance of models).

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Resonac PR: Performance models comparison

“Collaborating with Resonac on the development of 6G technology is a remarkable opportunity for Matmerize,” said Rampi Ramprasad, Co-Founder and CEO of Matmerize. “Aligned with Resonac’s vision to revolutionize next-generation technologies and powered by Matmerize’s commitment to advance AI algorithms, architectures, and virtual materials design capabilities, we are poised to usher in a new era of accelerated intelligent materials design”.

For more information on the innovative PolymRizeTM platform please visit:

For Resonac’s announcement of development of new semiconductor materials for 6G

About Matmerize:

Matmerize, a recent spin-out from the Georgia Institute of Technology, is at the forefront of pioneering solutions that bridge the gap between AI and materials engineering. Matmerize’s PolymRizeTM platform utilizes virtual screening and AI algorithms to identify the most optimal materials, enabling technologists to focus their experimental efforts on the most promising options, thus significantly accelerating the materials engineering process. PolymRizeTM represents a paradigm shift in industry, propelling clients ahead of the competition and driving innovation at an unprecedented pace.

About Resonac:
The Resonac Group is a new company established as a result of the integration of the Showa Denko Group and the Showa Denko Materials Group (former Hitachi Chemical Group) in January 2023. The Group’s annual sales of semiconductor and electronic materials amount to about 400 billion yen, accounting for about 30% of the Group’s annual net sales. The Group especially has global top share of semiconductor materials for packaging process. The integration of the two companies has enabled the Resonac Group to design functions of materials as well as to develop them in-house, going all the way back to raw materials. The new trade name “RESONAC” was created as a combination of two English words, namely, the word of “RESONATE” and “C” as the first letter of CHEMISTRY. The Resonac Group will make the most of its co-creative platform, and accelerate technological innovation with semiconductor manufacturers, material manufacturers, and equipment manufacturers inside and outside Japan.

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Matmerize, Inc.
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Nyxoah to Participate in Upcoming Investor Conferences

Nyxoah to Participate in Upcoming Investor Conferences

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium – September 5, 2023, 10:30pm CET / 4:30pm ET – Nyxoah SA (Euronext Brussels/Nasdaq: NYXH) (“Nyxoah” or the “Company”), a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative solutions to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), today announced that the Company will participate in two upcoming investor conferences in New York City.

Olivier Taelman, Nyxoah’s Chief Executive Officer, will deliver corporate updates at the H.C. Wainwright 25th Annual Global Investment Conference on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, at 1:30pm EST and the Baird Global Healthcare Conference on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, at 12:15pm EST. Webcasts of the presentations will be available on the Events section of Nyxoah’s Investor Relations website. The Company will also be available for 1×1 meetings with institutional investors attending the events.

Nyxoah’s Investor Presentation can be accessed on the Shareholder Information section of the Company’s Investor Relations page.

About Nyxoah
Nyxoah is a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative solutions to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Nyxoah’s lead solution is the Genio® system, a patient-centered, leadless and battery-free hypoglossal neurostimulation therapy for OSA, the world’s most common sleep disordered breathing condition that is associated with increased mortality risk and cardiovascular comorbidities. Nyxoah is driven by the vision that OSA patients should enjoy restful nights and feel enabled to live their life to its fullest.

Following the successful completion of the BLAST OSA study, the Genio® system received its European CE Mark in 2019. Nyxoah completed two successful IPOs: on Euronext Brussels in September 2020 and NASDAQ in July 2021. Following the positive outcomes of the BETTER SLEEP study, Nyxoah received CE mark approval for the expansion of its therapeutic indications to Complete Concentric Collapse (CCC) patients, currently contraindicated in competitors’ therapy. Additionally, the Company is currently conducting the DREAM IDE pivotal study for FDA and U.S. commercialization approval.

For more information, please visit

Caution – CE marked since 2019. Investigational device in the United States. Limited by U.S. federal law to investigational use in the United States.

David DeMartino, Chief Strategy Officer
+1 310 310 1313


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Confrontations Erupt between Palestinians and Occupation Forces in Nablus

Two Palestinians were injured while others suffered suffocation during the confrontations that erupted with the Israeli occupation forces in Nablus last night.

Local sources reported that confrontations erupted after the Israeli occupation forces broke into Quneitra area, east of Nablus, during which the occupation soldiers fired bullets, stun grenades and tear gas canisters, injuring two Palestinians by rubber-coated metal bullets and causing suffocation cases among others.

The source added that the toxic gas bombs fired by the occupation caused a fire in the area, but it was brought under control.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces closed the northern entrances to the city of Hebron, and the iron gates to the towns of Sa’ir and Haul, north of the city, security sources said.

The occupation forces stormed the Wadi Akhnis area in Sa’ir, and deployed heavily in the area.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Arab League calls for intensifying joint work to adapt to variables

Arab League Secretary General Ahmad Abulgheit called Wednesday for intensifying joint Arab work to cope and adapt with all variables shifting and disrupting the international scene.

Abulgheit in his inaugural speech at the league’s 160th ministerial session called the ongoing Ukrainian crisis a frightening reappearance of major power conflicts, and all that they entails of detrimental ramifications on global peace and its security, political and economic dimensions.

Latest developments, expounded Abulgheit, call for fortifying group work between parties and coordinating between countries, to ensure strategic independence and present joint work platforms handling issues of national interest.

He relayed the success of the Arab League in boosting partnerships with international powers across various levels, stating that such partnerships hold strategic significance.

The Arab-bloc chief went on to speak about the situation in Sudan saying that the persistence of the clashes pushes the country closer to the brink of civil war and they have no desire to see the Sudanese people slip into such a situation.

He stated that this requires a comprehensive solution beginning with sustainable armistice to pave the way for a political solution guaranteeing unity.

As for the Yemeni situation, Abulgheit commented that the arrival at political settlement remains to be farfetched despite de-escalation efforts.

He further stressed that preserving a united Yemen, with complete sovereignty away from foreign infringements is an aim sought after by all, and is attainable should Houthi side realize that they could be part of a comprehensive political process.

Abulgheit toke note of the recent rejoining of Syria and what it brought about of Arab engagement in addressing the crisis, its causes and consequences.

The Palestinian case is facing perilous challenges due to positions adopted by Israeli occupation extremist government, stated Abulgheit as he called this government and its provocative policies part of the issue rather than the solution.

On that note, he called on the international community to take responsibility and put an end to this deteriorating situation.

The Arab top official noted the upcoming Arab economic developmental and social summit, saying that global economic crises are a priority to agendas of Arab states.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

UN Secretary-General: Africa Suffers Some of the Worst Effects of Rising Global Temperatures

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres highlighted in his speech at the African Climate Summit in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, the enormous devastating effects of climate change on the continent despite not causing this crisis.

“This continent accounts for less than four per cent of global emissions. Yet it suffers some of the worst effects of rising global temperatures,” Guterres said.

“Extreme heat, ferocious floods, and tens of thousands dead from devastating droughts, Guterres added, indicating that “the blow inflicted on development is all around with growing hunger and displacement.” The UN Secretary-General affirmed that it was still possible to avoid the worst effects of climate change, but only with a quantum leap in climate action.

He said that the largest emitters of greenhouse gases must lead the way and called on the G20 countries responsible for emitting 80% of these gasses to assume their responsibilities.

“They must also keep their promise to provide $100 billion a year to developing countries for climate support, and fully replenish the Green Climate Fund,” the UN Secretary-General affirmed.

He pointed out that “African leadership is also helping to generate innovative green economies anchored in renewable power.” “Now is the time to bring together African countries with developed countries, financial institutions and technology companies to create a true African Renewable Energy Alliance,” he added.

The Secretary-General referred to the summit that will be held at the end of this month in preparation for the 28th session of the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 scheduled for later in the year.

He said the summit aims to summon the worlds attention and committed action to climate change, and the need to support developing countries as they transition to a renewable future.

Guterres stressed the need for all nations “to stand as one in defence of our only home. Lets deliver the climate justice that Africans, the world, and the planet we share, demand and deserve.” The first-ever African Climate Summit of its kind began on Monday in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, which aims to make the continent an emerging power in the field of renewable energy and call for allocating international financial aid to it to benefit from the resources and skills available to it.

Source: Qatar News Agency

US provides USD 163 mln in additional humanitarian aid to Sudan

The US is providing additional humanitarian aid worth nearly USD 163 million to Sudan and neighboring countries, its envoy to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield said on Wednesday, underlining Washington’s support for such “life-saving” programs. This brings total US humanitarian aid for the “Sudan emergency response” to nearly USD 710 million, which includes assistance for neighboring Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, South Sudan and the Central African Republic to respond to the needs of refugees and people affected by conflict, she added.

The US envoy arrived in Chad on Wednesday to address the worsening humanitarian crisis in Sudan, urging the Sudanese armed forces to “end the bloodshed and the suffering” of the Sudanese people.

Washington is the largest single donor for the Sudan emergency response, where more than 24 million people, including three million internally displaced persons, require urgent humanitarian assistance.

Source: Kuwait News Agency